Swim brand redefines ‘pool rules’ in new campaign

These pool rules are unlike anything you’ve ever heard — and in the best possible way.

According to Today, swim and athleticwear brand Chromat has unveiled a brand-new campaign that redefines “Pool Rules,” making them less about pool safety and more about accepting bodies in whatever swimsuit they wear and in whatever bodies they have.

Featuring new rules such as “Celebrate Cellulite,” “No Age Restrictions,” “All Body Hair Accepted” and “Scars and Stretch Marks Welcome,” president of Berlin Cameron — the creative agency that produced the campaign — Jennifer DaSilva told Today that the goal of the new ads is to make all feel comfortable in their own skin.

“Our goal was to create a campaign that showcases the swimwear while staying true to the progressive spirit that’s at the heart of the brand,” DaSilva said. “The new swim collections aren’t just beautiful, they seek to empower women, femmes and non-binary individuals of all shapes and sizes.”

Thus, the models featured in this campaign run the spectrum: one has cellulite on her thighs, another shows off underarm hair, while yet another stands on a prosthetic leg. Also starring in the campaign is model Denise Bidot, who Today says wrote an op-ed about the campaign’s photoshoot and its implicit messaging.

“There’s a voice behind these images,” Bidot wrote. “Women of all sizes exist — and we are not a trend or a marketing strategy. The fashion industry needs an enduring commitment to this notion of inclusivity.”

Turner transforms negative perceptions into body-positive pride

When model Sophie Turner saw behind-the-scenes photos of herself from a photoshoot, the first thing she noticed was her cellulite.

“I felt disgusting,” she told People magazine. But the 22-year-old decided that her cellulite — something she had since age 12 — would no longer hold such power in her life.

“It’s something I’ve grown up with, so I thought, why should I be ashamed of it when over 90 percent of women have it?” she explained to People. “Why shouldn’t we embrace it?”

And embrace it she did. According to People, Turner decided to post the photo on Instagram in an attempt to help other women see the beauty in their own bodies. And after receiving almost 16,000 likes on the photo, it seems like she accomplished her mission.

“It’s so amazing knowing I’ve helped other women, and it makes me so happy having women who support me and want to love themselves more,” she said. “I think it’s important to love yourself.”

Amen to that, Sophie.

Graham gives body-positive advice from mom

Moms always know just what to say.

Take Ashley Graham’s mom, for instance. In a new interview with V Magazine, the model told of the first time she uncovered cellulite on her body in middle school, reports Refinery29. 

“I remember telling my mom, ‘Isn’t it disgusting? It’s so ugly,’” Graham said, according to Refinery29. “She pulled her pants down and said, ‘Look, I have it, too.’ And I was like, ‘Gasp!’ She looked at me, then at it, and just rolled her eyes. She didn’t tell me that it’s beautiful or ugly. She just made it a nonissue.”

Today adds that Graham hopes to see the culture surrounding body imperfections change, saying “If women like you and me continue to preach that, then I feel like younger girls are going to grasp it and they’re going to be like, ‘Who cares!’”

Besides focusing on accepting the outsides of our bodies, Graham said doing so can only begin by loving who you are on the inside.

“I wake up sometimes and I feel like the fattest person alive, but I’m not going to let that affect the rest of my day,” she said, according to Refinery29. “Say to yourself, ‘I like this day. I am bold, I am beautiful, and I am brilliant.’ For me, that hits the interior, the exterior, and it makes me feel smart.”

Truly words to live by.

Mejia shares meaningful body love message

Instagram is filled with fitness accounts, but seldom do they have a message like that of Nicole Mejia’s.

According to Glamour, the fitness model and creator of the Get Fit and Thick workout and diet plan posted a video to her Instagram on Friday, April 14, sharing a side of herself that most fitness stars rarely highlight: a photo of her backside and its cellulite.

Accompanied by a message of self-acceptance and body love, Mejia wrote that since starting her fitness movement, her “body fat percentage is currently the highest that it’s been” but so also is her happiness; she also shared that in her journey of joining the fitness community, she lost sight of the mental release workouts offered.

But, Glamour says Mejia has found her focus yet again, setting “goals we won’t need a mirror for,” such as completing “30 consecutive push-ups” or “3 miles without stopping.”

Mejia wrapped up her message by offering that it’s more important to focus on who we are beyond our bodies:

“You are more than the way you look. Is it important to take care of your temple? Yes, but why is that getting the majority of our attention? Why do we place so much emphasis on the way we look instead of focusing that energy on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth?… I made a promise that I would be vulnerable with you guys, and when it comes to me and my body image, this as real as it gets. I am flawed. I am loved. But I am so much more. – And so are you.”


‘Beauty beyond size’

Model Ashley Graham is no stranger to persistently breaking down traditional — and confining — beauty standards. Between her Sports Illustrated cover and her cameo in a music video from group DNCE, she proves time and again that beauty is not tied to size. And with one of her latest Instagram posts, she has proven this yet again.

According to the Huffington Post, the model posted a beautiful photo her herself riding a bike in a purple embellished tunic — but one that revealed a bit of cellulite on her thigh — and white high-top sneakers.

Accompanying the image was a caption that read, “A little cellulite never hurt nobody.. Stop judging yourself, embrace the things that society has called ‘ugly’. #lovetheskinyourein #beautybeyondsize.”

In a world that touts flawlessness, Graham’s latest ‘gram is rather refreshing, reminding us that it’s okay to be perfectly imperfect. In fact, imperfections make you beautiful.