The Be-You-tiful Truth

Many a pop song sets to music the idea that women don’t (and shouldn’t) know they’re beautiful — that is, until the male crooner points it out to their self-doubting muse.

This is exactly the type of pop culture trope Daysha Edewi demolishes in her recent video, “What If I Knew I Was Beautiful?”

According to The Huffington Post, the Buzzfeed writer and director references songs like One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” Ne Yo’s “Let Me Love You” and Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” that propagate this idea. Her spoken word poem serves as a reminder to women of all ages that women don’t need men to validate their looks or their self-esteems.

Edewi goes on to point out that if women believe they’re beautiful before it’s pointed out to them by men, women are thus deemed “vain,” or worse.

The Huffington Post reports that Edewi explained on her Tumblr page that her poem is mean to draw attention to the glut of pop songs that claim that a woman is beautiful so long as they don’t know it. Edewi continued, saying “then the only time it is ok for me to see and own my beauty is when a man recognizes it.”

But as Edewi so eloquently pointed out towards the end of her poem, “There is no need to love your body with trepidation / Because that bottomless pit of hesitation that you feel / Are only false expectations appearing real.”

So we shouldn’t let fear keep us from loving ourselves, says Edewi, because “every part of you is the best part of you.”

Amen! Thank you, Daysha Edewi, for teaching us that women don’t need permission to love themselves. You are truly living the inspired life!

To watch the whole video, click here. You don’t want to miss it!