She Leads, You Follow: God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards Gala Edition

On Oct. 15, God’s Love We Deliver hosted their ninth annual Golden Heart Awards which honors those who have worked tirelessly to further the mission of the non-profit organization. Held at Spring Studios in Manhattan, the awards featured two honorees and a number of celebrities who attended the event in high fashion.

One of our favorite looks came courtesy of Kate Hudson, who wowed on the event’s red carpet in a black and white floral Michael Kors Collection dress, featuring a high neckline and split bodice. She completed her look with mustard yellow pointed-toe pumps, says InStyle

Diane Kruger went for something blue, wearing a Michael Kors Collection tonal abstract-print dress with belting detail at the bodice. Kruger polished off her look with a black frame clutch and minimal jewelry.

Rounding out our favorite looks is Emily Blunt, who took to the Golden Heart Awards in another Michael Kors Collection dress, this time a number featuring what InStyle reports is an illusion bodice and sequin skirt. Finishing off her look were single-strap sandals and a patterned box clutch.

Although these lovely ladies are dressed for a night of celebrating the generosity of God’s Love We Deliver’s supporters, there are several aspects of their looks that we can apply to the way we dress every day:

  1. A split decision – Kate Hudson’s black and white dress shows that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. While her dress features a high neckline, it also has split bodice. Dichotomies like this can be very useful when putting together an outfit; here, we read “conservative” from the dress’s high neck, but then read “sexy” from the slit. Things like this can create a visually interesting, sophisticated look, so when you’re putting together an outfit, look for the ways in which the clothing sends different messages. For example, high-waisted, wide-legged trousers can read as classic and even a bit professional. To contrast this, try pairing it with a modern crop top for a chic going-out look.
  2. Belted together – Diane Kruger’s belted dress shows us the importance of belts not just when paired with dresses, but with any garment. Here, her belt not only accentuates her waist, it also adds bit of an edge to the outfit, since it is done in leather and creates a wrap-effect around her ribcage. Belts are a great way to create shape in anything from a dress to a top, as they easily define your waistline and accentuate your curves. However, they are also a great way to build interest in your outfit, since they can indicate an edgier look (like Kruger’s) or even a more modern look, depending on the style of the belt.
  3. Mix it up – Wearing what can be called a mixed-media dress, Emily Blunt shows us how to wear a few different textures and materials simultaneously. The top of her dress reads as an open mesh, while the bottom of her dress is a skirt full of sparkles. This mixing of textures creates a really rich, intriguing look. To mimic this effect in your own outfits, an easy way to start is by mixing leather with things like lace, wool or even chunky knits. Mixing textures like this will not only look visually interesting, it will also look rather cohesive and put together.

She Leads, You Follow: Paris Couture Week

From Sunday, July 5 to Thursday, July 9, the City of Lights is being transformed into the City of Fashion as it hosts Couture Week. The Associated Press reports that Monday’s fall-winter 2015-2016 shows featured Giambattista Valli, Ralph & Russo, Dior and Schiaparelli, but it wasn’t the models on the runway that stole the show.

Instead, it was the guests of the Dior show that caught everyone’s attention. The couture show was graced with the attendance of not only Emily Blunt and Olivia Palermo, who are both often praised for their impeccable fashion, but also recent fashion it-girl Lupita Nyong’o. According to InStyle, Nyong’o stepped away from her trip to Kenya where she kicked off her save-the-elephants campaign to attended the show.

And Nyong’o certainly showed up in style. She looked stunning in the hot Paris weather, wearing a red-hot Dior double-face wool dress paired with black Dior pumps, a black clutch, simple earrings and round mirrored sunglasses.

Emily Blunt hit the Dior Haute Couture show in a glamorous all-white ensemble, wearing a Dior peplum dress paired with Dior Fine Jewelry, a black clutch and houndstooth-printed pointy-toe pumps.

Olivia Palermo added some print to the couture party, showing up in a floral Dior sleeveless coat which she brought in at the waist with a metallic belt. She paired the look with modern cat-eye sunglasses, grey pointy-toe pumps and a silver metallic clutch.

Although these beautiful ladies are decked out in Dior for Couture Week, there are a few things we can take away from their looks to amp up our style so we can head into our weeks with a couture flair.

  1. Small details make a big difference – Nyong’o’s gorgeous red dress is fairly simple, with seaming running down the front of the dress and very little seaming around the waist area. However, the dress has a small button and tab detail that cinches in the waist at the perfect spot, defining her waist with an interesting detail instead of with seams. Look for small details like this in your clothing that do double duty: they should not only add visual interest, but also serve a purpose, such as defining your all-important waistline. Details like this will create a more polished, sophisticated and tailored look that will appear as though you spent weeks obsessing over every little detail of your outfit!
  2. Peplums are a blessing – Emily Blunt’s peplum dress shows us just how useful a peplum can be. Peplums are a great way  to not only create the illusion of a narrow waist, but also to camouflage anything you might be concerned about in your stomach area; since the material floats away from your natural waist, it can easily hide anything you are worried about. If you wish to add a little emphasis to your hips, peplums are a great way to do that; the basic shape of Blunt’s dress without the peplum is rather straight, so the peplum creates curves on what would otherwise be a very pencil-like shape. To mimic this look, try a peplum top paired with a pencil skirt; a combination like this will define your waist while hiding any stomach-area problems and emphasizing your curvy hips.
  3. Accessories can make a huge impact – Olivia Palermo added a simple belt to her sleeveless jacket look, and it made all the difference. Adding a belt at the natural waist can take your look from shapeless to cinched instantaneously. If Palermo hadn’t added the belt, the jacket would have looked like a solid rectangle on her body. The belt helps to cinch in her waist, creating shape that the jacket alone could not create. Adding a belt to jackets, dresses and even tops can help enhance the built-in shape of a garment or create shape in an otherwise shapeless piece while also adding a little bit of visual interest to the outfit.