Fashion Finds: Shoes

The time is quickly approaching for us to put away our summer sandals and flip flops, only to search for fashionable new styles for the fall.

Whether you’re looking for sneakers, flats, heels, boots or any combination thereof, it can not only be hard to find the style you’re looking for, it can be equally as difficult to find different places to shop. That’s why THL has compiled some of our favorite stores to shop for all of your shoe needs! Having a large selection of shoes is always a plus, but having a large selection of designer shoes at discounted prices is even better. With a massive selection of designers, styles and prices for all tastes and budgets, 6pm offers one of the most comprehensive selections of shoes available. It may take a little while to comb through the pages of results, but don’t worry: you can always narrow your selection by using the filters to the left of the page. 6pm also offers clothing and accessories as well, so once you find the shoes you’re looking for, you can shop for anything else your heart desires.

Call It Spring: Selling only shoes and accessories, Call It Spring offers a selection of some of the most on-trend styles of the season. From booties to sneakers, Call It Spring has a variety of looks to try and all for moderate prices. If you find something you like, you also get free shipping on orders over $35 (and trust us, it won’t be hard to spend $35 with gorgeous styles like the Vilette pump in stock!). And if Call It Spring’s styles are calling your name, you’ll  have to pay a visit to their sister store, Aldo Shoes.

Shoes of Prey: If you want to splurge on a completely one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, Shoes of Prey is just the store for you. Allowing you to create custom heels, flats, sandals and anything in between, Shoes of Prey lets you release your inner shoe designer while making the process simple and fun; first, you select the type of shoe you want, followed by the color and material you’d like. Then, you can choose from special silhouettes, like d’orsay or open-toe. Finally, you finish it off with any extras, like trim, straps or bows. Offering sizes between a US 3 and 15, Shoes of Prey says they’ll have your custom order to you within four weeks of your initial order. But if custom shoes aren’t on your shopping list, they also have a ready-made selection that offers stylish looks that start in the $100 range.

With all of these shopping options to pick from, you’re sure to find a style that has your name on it — whether you’ve designed a custom pair or you’ve found ready-made shoes from your favorite designer!

Happy Shopping!


Fashion Finds: Lip color

Choosing the perfect lip color for your skin tone can often be a difficult task — or a nightmare in the making. But what if you didn’t have to search high and low for the perfect color? What if you could just happen upon ideal shade for you?

Cue this week’s Fashion Finds, in which THL has scouted out the best lip color options for makeup junkies like us. When shopping for lip color, whether its lipstick or lip gloss, be sure to consider the pigmentation of your skin and its undertones. Bustle offers this tip to identify the undertones in your skin:

“A quick way to identify your skin’s undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, and you also tend to gravitate towards wearing blues, whites, and grays, you’ve got pink undertones. If your veins appear more green, you have a warmer yellow undertone. If they appear to be both blue and green, you are the lucky owner of a neutral skin tone (meaning equal pink and yellow tones), and you can wear any color.”

Once you identify your skin’s undertone, Bustle says to stick to colors similar to your warmer or cooler undertones; this means warmer colors (like reds, oranges, etc.) for a warm yellow undertone and cooler colors (pinks, reds with a blue base, etc.) for cool pink undertones.

Got that? Now check out some of THL’s favorite lip color companies — from custom options to universally-flattering shades, you’re sure to find something perfectly suited to you.

Finding Ferdinand: The only truly “customizable” option we could find, Finding Ferdinand allows you to choose up to four colors from their selection of 16 shades, and then decide how much of each color you’d like to be visible in your custom lipstick. The best part is that you can order a small sample size of your color for only $6 before you take the plunge and order a full-sized version for $30. Once you land on a shade you love, you can order the full finished product in either a creamy lipstick, a matte lipstick or even a pencil-style lip tint.

GIELLA: While GIELLA offers a selection of preselected colors, you can decide the kind of finish you’d like your lip color to have. Shoppers can choose from full or sheer coverage lipsticks from 39 shades, or opt for lipgloss with the same coverage options and  a choice of white, pink or gold shimmer from another 39 shades. GIELLA  lipstick and lipgloss are available for $30 each, but their makeup options don’t stop there — they also offer a variety of other ready-made products, ranging from foundation and BB cream to nail polish and blush.

Lipstick Queen: Not a truly customizable lipstick, Lipstick Queen lip color does take the guess work out of picking the right shade for you — that’s because several of their lip stick options come in universally-flattering colors that warm to each person’s skin tone. Take the Frog Prince lipstick, for example: Although it looks like a forest green lipstick, it actually tints your lips a pretty shade of pink. And, as Lipstick Queen promises, “No two pairs of lips will look the same as it adapts according to your pH and natural coloring, appearing entirely different yet beautifully flattering on everyone.” Offering a similar effect is the Hello Sailor lipstick, which turns from a deep, sheer blue to a sheer plum when applied. Both colors are available for $25, and the rest of their lipstick collection retails between $22 and $50.

With options ranging from fully customizable to one-shade-fits-all, you can’t go wrong with any of these lip color choices.

Happy Shopping!



Fashion Finds: Plus/Extended Size Clothing

If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe this summer, this week’s Fashion Finds has a number of stores at the ready for you to begin the hunt for some stylish new threads. In this week’s edition, we’ve rounded up the best plus and extended size clothiers that offer the latest styles at affordable prices.

No matter you’re size, clothing should reflect your personality and — above all — make you feel beautiful. And these retailers definitely offer a selection of tops, dresses, jeans and everything in between that are sure to make you feel special and look gorgeous:

Eloquii: Offering sizes 14-24 and some styles in sizes 26 and 28, Eloquii delivers the latest styles in a range of sizes so that there is truly something for everyone. What makes the retailer all the better is that there’s something for every price point — tops start at $19.90 and going up to $99.90 — and they present a well-rounded selection of styles; there are 321 top options alone, with everything from military-inpsired looks to sweet peplum styles to flowey blouses. THL’s favorite: The High Low Cape Dress, which offers an affordable take (it’s only $99.90) on a major red carpet trend.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7: Achieving a great personal style shouldn’t be size-exclusive, and that’s why we love Melissa McCarthy Seven7 — they offer the most complete range of sizes we’ve seen, starting at a size 2 and going up to a size 28W. Delivering playful patterns, classic shapes and edgy details (like faux leather!), Seven7 makes sure that there is something in store for everyone. What’s also particularly remarkable about Seven7 is the ease with which pieces can be mixed and matched; even printed pieces seem to pair together effortlessly, allowing you to get the most out of your wardrobe. THL’s favorite: the Vegan Leather Peplum Top (available for $89), a style that takes the classic feminine silhouette of a peplum and injects a bit of sass via the faux leather.

Torrid: No one does affordable fashion like Torrid, who offers everything from jeans and tops to swimwear and lingerie. With their apparel ranging from a size 10 (a Torrid size 00) to a size 30 (a Torrid size 6), Torrid makes fashion accessible to all, offering all of their trendiest looks in the size range. What’s even better: they offer free shipping AND free returns, not that you’ll want to return any of your stylish snags any time soon. THL’s favorite: the Twist Front Midi Skirt (on sale for $30.98), the perfect summer style that is sexy enough for a night out and casual enough for a lazy Sunday morning.

ModCloth: There is so much to love about ModCloth already, but perhaps what we love most is that they no longer separate their extended sizes from the “regular” sizes; they group them all in one, all in an effort to make shopping a much more inclusive experience (as it should be). But beyond this, it’s hard to not fall in love with their retro aesthetic, classic looks and easily-affordable prices. Making their prices even more accessible is a 40 percent off summer sale, so you can stock up on your favorite looks of the season for next year. THL’s favorite: the Don the Road Vest in Navy, which offers a classic take on the trendy vest look for only $44.99.

Lane Bryant: Our Fashion Finds would not be complete without Lane Bryant, a retailer that has long offered the most of-the-moment styles all available in sizes 14 to 28. They even offer sexy lingerie styles by Cacique to complete your shopping experience. With styles ranging from dressy tops and blouses to stylish activewear, Lane Bryant has you covered for every aspect of your life — all at reasonable prices, with tops in general starting at a sale price of $12.99. THL’s favorite: the Printed Palazzo Culotte, an on-trend look revamped with a bold, artsy print available for $69.95.

With a host of options at your fingertips, you have no reason not to shop at least one of these fabulous — and fashionable — retailers! Know of a store we missed? Tweet us with the hashtag #FashionFinds and suggest your favorite so we can include it on our list!

Happy Shopping!

Fashion Finds: Jewelry

If you’re on the hunt for something stylish, but don’t know where to look, look no further than THL’s newest feature, Fashion Finds! Here, you’ll find overviews of cool shops that will fulfill all your fashion needs while also keeping in mind your budget. From apparel to shoes, accessories and handbags, Fashion Finds will help you find it all, and today, we’re scoping out fashion jewelry.

Good fashion jewelry can be a tricky thing to find; while you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a necklace or bracelet, you also want something that looks nice, that will withstand wear and tear and will pair easily with different outfits. You may even want something a bit trendy, but don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a fleeting style.

But THL knows that all fashion can be accessible — to your style and to your budget. So if you’re in the market for some shiny new jewelry, you’ll want to check out some of our favorite stores:

Charming Charlie: Offering affordable jewelry that ranges from trendy to classic, this store is a great starting point when searching for fashion jewelry. Charming Charlie also has frequent sales on jewelry, so you can stock up on of-the-moment statement pieces like chokers or classic styles like simple stud earrings. THL’s favorite: the gold lattice hinge bracelet, which offers a subtle classic pavé style in a bold cuff silhouette.

Forever 21: While it can be seen as a store for millennials, it does have a vast selection of fashion jewelry at highly affordable prices. Offering everything from dainty pieces to big, bold statement looks, Forever 21 will certainly have something to suit your taste out of their 1,500-plus products. THL’s favorite: the rhinestone ear pins, which provide a delicate shine coupled with a modern style.

BaubleBar: If you’re looking for something a bit more fancy and can stretch your budget, you’ll have to pay a visit to BaubleBar. The site offers only the most fashionable jewelry, keeping you and your style right on trend. One of BaubleBar’s best features is their build-your-own sets, in which you can select three styles of your choosing in either necklaces, bracelets or earrings — and, when you build a set, it’s more cost-effective than buying each piece separately, thus saving you money so you can go buy more jewelry. You can even get some items personalized, which makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. THL’s favorite: the fringed hand chain, which combines a hot trend with a sleek silhouette.

J.Crew: If a classic look is more your style, then J.Crew has a selection perfectly curated for you. With designs featuring pretty crystals, floral patterns and simple chain links, J.Crew’s jewelry offers timeless styles that will easily pair with everything from a little black dress to a mid-week work look. While J.Crew’s jewelry often costs more than the previous three retailers, their elegance is certainly worth the cost. But here’s a hint — if you can’t swing the higher price tag, check out their J.Crew Factory store online, where you can find more classic styles at a fraction of the regular cost. THL’s favorite: the double gemstone clusters necklace from the factory store, which can dress up everything from a T-shirt to an evening gown.

With all of these great options to pick from, you’re sure to find some jewelry that you love that won’t hurt your wallet. Know of a store that we missed? Add it in the comments below or tweet us at @takeherlead with your suggestion along with the hashtag #FashionFinds.