Take a time out with THL

We are 27 days into 2017, and the new year has already ushered in a host of new challenges. But don’t let the stress get you down — take a time out with THL to recharge and gear up to tackle head on whatever concerns are plaguing you.

Take some R&R time

If you’re too busy to head to a nail salon, try pampering yourself with an at-home manicure and pedicure. Better yet, use a nail polish with an empowering name so every time you look down out at your nails, you’re reminded to keep calm and carry on.

THL recommends: Essie’s “Power Clutch,” available at Ulta for $9.

Take some creative time

If makeup and spa days aren’t your thing, relax your mind with a little art therapy. A new trend, adult coloring books offer a brief respite from the daily grind and allow grown ups to be a kid once more. But make no mistake: adult coloring books aren’t all roses, sunshine and puppies designed to numb your mind. Some incorporate your favorite television shows, while others may even teach you something new while you’re coloring away.

THL recommends: “The Badass Feminist Coloring Book,” available at Barnes & Noble for $25, is complete with images of “40 badass feminists and bonus essays on feminism” that are sure to simultaneously relax you and inspire you.

Take some alone time

Everyone loves to read something that is both enlightening and engaging, so there’s no better way to steal a little time for yourself than by curling up with a good book. Whether you decide to read something brand new or choose to revisit an old favorite, reading allows you to escape from the present or become engrossed in a new tale — or may even make you aware of a previously unconsidered point of view.

THL recommendsWe Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, available at Amazon for $6.39 (or $2.99 for the Kindle Edition). This short essay, which was adapted from Adichie’s famous TEDx talk, lays out the basic premise of feminism and explains the logic behind an inclusive feminism.

These recommendations will surely provide an escape from the stresses of the new year. But don’t rest for too long — those challenges won’t resolve themselves.

Smashing Stereotypes

Amid a recent push for gender equality lies feminism, which has long endured years of stereotypes that construct false images a ‘typical’ feminist. But these frail images have recently been been shattered, or at least fractured, thanks to a recent video from Buzzfeed Yellow.

According to The Huffington Post, the video depicts “a diverse group of feminists” who “backed the gender equality movement while also dispelling myths often associated with it, including its supporters being ‘sexist.'”

One feminist in the video dispelled the long-held myth that all feminists hate men, while another explained that she is not a bandwagon feminist, joining the movement because it’s trendy. The video even incorporated feminist men, one of which said, “being a feminist makes him ‘a better man.'”

Thank you, Buzzfeed Yellow, for dispelling myths about feminism and encouraging us to join the movement, closing the video with “‘I’m a feminist, and you should be, too.'”

Picture-Perfect Feminists

If you’ve ever wondered what feminists think about Photoshop, look no further than a recent video from t-shirt company FCKH8.

According to The Huffington Postthe company created the video “This is What a #Feminist Looks Like,” in which “women of all sizes, shapes and colors take off t-shirts with the message ‘This is what a #feminist looks like’ printed across them.” Stripping away the veneer of the t-shirt, the ladies share what it looks like to be unretouched by Photoshop, standing in nothing but a bra and panties. As they bare their raw, natural selves, it is clear that each woman is beautiful in her own unique way.

Throughout the video, the women share what makes “real” women, such as having wrinkles, a flat chest, curves and muscles. As the video draws to a close, the ladies state that “real women can be whatever the f*** they are.” They also let us know exactly how they feel about Photoshop — as they slowly repeat the name of the infamous image-editing software, they fearlessly flip their middle fingers to the camera.

Thanks, FCKH8, for showing us that “real” women are picture-perfect just as they are.

Click here to see the full video.