Model recreates Hadid’s nude photo shoot

All it takes is one person to make a difference, to highlight a different path or offer a different point of view. And model Diana Sirokai did just that in one photo.

According to PopSugar, the London-based curvy model decided to recreate a Stuart Weitzman ad featuring Gigi Hadid, in which Hadid is wearing nothing but a pair of Weitzman’s Clinger boots. In Sirokai’s version, PopSugar says the model went nude — save for a pair of black boots — and captioned her photo, “I was just wondering how a model my size would look on this.”

The result was an equally stunning photograph, one that shows that beauty is not determined by size or weight but by what projects from within: confidence, strength and inner beauty.

Way to go, Diana! Click here to see her photo.

Hadid teams up with Stuart Weitzman for new shoe collaboration

Celebrity shoe collections seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but none are quite like the latest collaboration between Gigi Hadid and Stuart Weitzman.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the model worked alongside the famed shoe company’s new creative director, Giovanni Morelli, to create a line of mules that “reflect her own fashion sensibility.” So far, the collaboration offers two styles, says Harper’s Bazaar, which include “the EyeLove (in ballet and deep indigo suede, with one eye motif) and the EyeLoveMore (in frosted grey suede with multiple eyes) – each lined with shearling.”

Working off of an evil eye motif, Hadid told Bazaar that adding the symbol to her shoe designs is about much more than making a fashion statement.

“The evil eye is a powerful symbol meant to protect those who wear it from negative energies,” she said. “It’s emotionally comforting and beautiful and captivating to look at.”

While pieces from the line are not modest — they range from about $638 (£480) to about $765 (£575) — the collection isn’t all about high fashion and high price tags. In fact, Bazaar says that the line continues their long-standing relationship with Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that “aims to increase educational opportunities in the developing world.” The Hadid and Weitzman collection has already committed $105,000, says Bazaar, which will help build schools in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

Fashion and philanthropy — what could get better!

Hadid launches collection with Maybelline

Finding makeup that is both quality and affordable can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But look no further, because Gigi Hadid has just dropped a new collection with Maybelline.

According to Glamour, the IMG model’s newest makeup line with Maybelline center around her “world-traveling lifestyle,” serving up a smattering of products that include “an eye contour palette, tinted primer, black gel eyeliner, black liquid eyeliner, black fiber mascara, an iridescent liquid strober, and matte lipstick.”

Additionally, Glamour reports that Hadid’s home state of California also inspired the collection, sparking the design of the West Coast Glow palette as well as influencing the names of the shadows included.

However, she gives some love to the East Coast, too. According to Glamour, the “East Coast Glam collection is based on Gigi’s ‘favorite Soho alleyways'” and “draws on trendy, stylish, and grunge influences for morning-to-night-out looks. She named the lipsticks after a best friend (McCall), makeup artist (Erin), and her astrological sign, Taurus (Taura).”

If you’re as ready as we are to shop the new products, Glamour says the line is currently available for purchase on and will be available in Ulta stores starting Nov. 5.

Hadid and Reebok team up for ‘#PerfectNever’ campaign

It looks like UFC fighter Ronda Rousey will have a little company in representing Reebok in their #PerfectNever campaign.

According to WWD, Gigi Hadid has signed on to front the brand’s initiative, all in an effort to “encourage women to use exercise and physical fitness ‘as an escape to drown out all of the negativity that surrounds them,’ by zeroing in on the social, physical and mental benefits.”

Although she is an IMG-signed model, Hadid is no stranger to athletics, says WWD, reporting that the 21-year-old was once a competitive athlete herself, participating in horseback riding and volleyball — even attempting the Junior Olympic qualifiers.

But fitness is still a significant part of Hadid’s life, as the model said focusing on the physical demands helps her escape her own psyche.

“Working out isn’t only physical for me. It’s mental. It helps me escape the noise in my head. It’s the only time my mind goes quiet,” Hadid said, according to WWD. “When I was a competitive athlete, I used to be so focused on being perfect that my coaches would take me out of competing all together. I’d focus on my mistakes which would breed more missteps — a domino effect. Until I learned to change the channel, to refocus, reset. It was my mistakes, my imperfections that motivated me most.”

Seeming like a natural fit for this campaign, WWD explained that the #PerfectNever campaign serves as an “inspirational call to action that asks women around the world to celebrate the beauty of imperfection and champions Reebok’s intrinsic message of self-betterment.”

To see Hadid’s photos for the campaign, click here.

In defense of self-defense

When Gigi Hadid was attacked by a man who grabbed her after a Max Mara fashion show in Milan, the supermodel fought off her aggressor with an elbow to the face. Following the incident, Hadid wants women and girls everywhere to know that they have every right to fight back.

According to The Cut, Hadid recently spoke with Lena Dunham for her Lenny Letter, sharing that her quick reaction to the attack came as a result of previous boxing training. Although she told Lenny Letter that she hasn’t boxed in two years, all of her training came back to her in that moment.

“Since then, I hadn’t been in a situation that forced me to fight back,” she said, according to The Cut, “but it just came out when he grabbed me — it wasn’t a choice. I do have that fighter in me.”

But in addition to discussing the source of her quick action, The Cut says Hadid told Lenny Letter that she “hopes girls see the video of the attack, and realize how important it is to practice and learn self-defense.”

“I just want to use what happened to me to show that it’s everyone’s right, and it can be empowering, to be able to defend yourself,” she said.