Rodriguez uses Emmy money to send undocumented student to college

Gina Rodriguez is using the money that would otherwise be spent on Emmys “For Your Consideration” campaigns and giving to the worthiest of causes: education.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the “Jane the Virgin” star convinced her show’s network, The CW, to use her portion of the “FYC spend toward a college scholarship for an undocumented high school student.”

A member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s board of directors, EW says Rodriguez partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles to “locate a Latinx high school student who plans to attend Princeton University in the fall,” allowing the student to “complete a four-year degree without financial burden.”

For Rodriguez, the attempt to do something for the Latinx community is natural, even one that has been encouraged by showrunners.

Our show has always jumped at any opportunity to help me do something for the Latinx community,” said Rodriguez, EW reports. “So I asked my showrunner, Jennie [Snyder Urman], if we could do something different with the money this year.”

And something different they did.

Rodriguez to star in ‘Carmen Sandiego’ remake

Netflix has found their new Carmen Sandiego — and two times over.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gina Rodriguez will play the film’s namesake character in a live-action remake, which follows a “fictional thieving villain from the 1990s educational children’s series.”

But Rodriguez’s contributions to the streaming service’s revival of the film don’t end there; in fact, EW reports that she will also lend her voice to Netflix’s original animated series based on the character.

What’s more is that EW says “the live-action version will also be produced by Rodriguez through her I Can and I Will production company, alongside Kevin Misher and Caroline Fraser.”

Way to go, Carmen Sandiego — er, Gina Rodriguez!

Rodriguez develops shows on undocumented immigrants

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez has not one, but two projects in the works, and they have ramifications in our current political climate.

According to HuffPost, Deadline reports that Rodriguez “sold the series “Illegal” and “Have Mercy,” which will both focus on Latino immigrant stories,” all of which follows recent moves to end legislation that protects young undocumented immigrants from being deported.

Written by Jane the Virgin writer Rafael Agustin, the first show — Illegal — will be developed by The CW, says Bustle, and will detail the life of a 16-year-old student who is based on Agustin himself and grappling with learning of his undocumented status as a teen.

While Illegal follows more of a dramedy format, HuffPost says the second show, called Have Mercy, is a drama about a Latina doctor who takes a job as a nurse’s assistant after being “unable to practice medicine once she immigrates to Miami.”

Commenting on her forthcoming shows, Rodriguez shared her excitement on Twitter this way:

“For years this is all I wanted to do. Bring Latino stories to the screen to create love, tolerance and empathy. LATINOS STAND UP!”

First-ever ‘Young Women’s Honors’ to be hosted by Marie Claire

Women are achieving amazing things, and Marie Claire recognizes that young women are reaching new heights every single day. That’s why the magazine is teaming up with actress Gina Rodriguez to celebrate the world’s future female leaders.

Marie Claire announced their first-ever Young Women’s Honors, an “awards ceremony presented by Clinique and hosted by Gina Rodriguez, aimed entirely at amazing female millennials doing amazing things” which is set to air on Dec. 19 on the CW network.

Explaining the ceremony’s purpose, the magazine’s editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider said that it is a natural extension of Marie Claire’s longstanding mission.

Marie Claire has a rich history of spotlighting women making a difference around the globe and I am constantly amazed by this new generation making change happen,” Fulenwider said, according to Marie Claire. “Marie Claire’s Young Women’s Honors will highlight these brilliant young women, and we hope to empower future generations to come.”

To select their honorees, candidates will be screened by a panel of judges, which includes Fulenwider, as well as “Clinique global brand president Jane Lauder, Lord & Taylor president Liz Rodbell, and Gina Rodriguez herself as chair,” reports Marie Claire.

For Rodriguez, the Honors are all about inspiring young women to pursue their dreams despite perceived roadblocks to success.

“My goal in creating Young Women’s Honors is to generate positivity, inclusivity, unlimited potential, and the possibility every woman is born with,” she said, according to Marie Claire. “As a young Latina, I had to break down barriers and overcome naysayers. When you see someone following their dreams, it gives you allowance to follow your own.”

For more information on the Young Women’s Honors, click here.


Rodriguez to the rescue

Every girl wants to look and feel like a movie star when they go to their prom, and one high school senior got to do just that thanks to Gina Rodriguez.

According to Entertainment Tonight, 17-year-old Jessica Casanova from Buffalo, New York sent a tweet to the Jane the Virgin star ahead of her special night, asking to wear one of Rodriguez’s red carpet gowns to the prom.

While many tweets sent to celebrities go unnoticed, Casanova’s certainly did not. Marie Claire reports that Rodriguez answered Casanova’s request and “after a bit of back and forth on Twitter, Casanova received the black Badgley Mischka gown that Rodriguez wore to her first Globes in 2015 where she won best actress in a TV comedy.”

Entertainment Tonight says Casanova had her hair done to match Rodriguez’s style when she wore the gown to the Golden Globes. But before Casanova could head off to the prom, her mom had a special message for her — from none other than Rodriguez herself.

“Just know I love you. I’m so proud of you. I’m so excited for you,” Rodriguez said in the video message. “You look beautiful and everybody will remember it — especially you!”

Casanova expressed her gratitude for Rodriguez’s kindness, telling Entertainment Tonight, “l have no words, no other celebrity can compare to what she has done … She deserves everything in this entire world.”

While it is certain that Casanova will never forget her senior prom, other deserving girls may have a similar experience, thanks to the actress — Entertainment Tonight says that after Casanova wore the gown to her prom, it went back to Rodriguez in order to be passed on to another girl “continuing the trend of making dreams come true.”

Casanova said she hopes whoever is next to wear the special dress loves it as much as she does. “I hope whoever gets it next, it goes in the right hands, because it’s something close to her heart and it means a lot to her … I just hope it gets taken care of really well like the way I am.”

Rodriguez gets real about social media

Social media can often present a skewed version of reality, especially when it comes to beauty standards. But Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is setting out to change that, one social media post at a time.

According to The Huffington Post, Rodriguez told Women’s Health magazine that while it seems like women “consciously decide we’re going to be mean to ourselves,” she decided to use her place on social media to break down false images of perfection and shed light on the beauty of flaws.

“I’m trying to use my social media as a way to communicate that I’m flawed and that I’m okay with it,” she told the magazine. “It’s a very strange feeling to be okay with a little cellulite or a little extra anything. I don’t look at it and feel terrified anymore, and my confidence changed because of that. I carry myself differently.”

While Rodriguez has been known to promote body positivity, she revealed to Yahoo‘s Joe Zee that it’s been hard for her not to succumb to the pressure of being a certain size or looking a certain way.

“Of course I’ve fallen into the pressure,” she told Zee. “Of course I’ve fallen into the culture.”

But, Rodriguez said that beauty is independent of size. “You go to television and film, and, it does add 10 pounds, and I don’t look like a skinny mini, and the truth is that’s OK, too, and that is beautiful also.”

Perhaps Rodriguez’s best advice in dealing with inaccurate portrayals of beauty on social media: “You’re your own hero, not some image you can’t live up to.”

Rodriguez says ‘goodbye’ to body pressure

It’s no secret that actresses are expected to look flawless and be fit in order to get roles in films or television shows. But Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez said that she’s had enough of the industry’s body standards.

According to People, Rodriguez said that she used to feel pressure to fit into a certain size in order to be a successful actress.

“Of course I’ve fallen into the pressure! 100 percent I’ve fallen into the culture,” Rodriguez told stylist and editor-in-chief of Yahoo Style, Joe Zee.

Explaining how that “culture” aims to trap stars into a vicious cycle of pursuing perfection, Rodriguez said, “If you look like a swimsuit model then you’re hot and everybody’s going to want you and money’s going to flow through, and everything’s going to be grand and dandy … And that’s bulls—.”

Although she knows that the industry operates on a certain standard of beauty, Rodriguez said she knows that true beauty is not restricted to such a standard.

“You go to television and film, and, it does add 10 lbs., and, I don’t look like a skinny mini, and, the truth is, that’s okay too, and that is beautiful also.”

Rodriguez attributed her strong sense of self to her upbringing. The actress told People, “”[My dad] prepared us to be able to look at billboards and magazines and say, ‘This is not the only body type that is beautiful’ … He would encourage us to find our beauty and love our beauty and accept our beauty as what God gave us.”

Summing up her parents’ lessons, Rodriguez offered, “My parents really encouraged us to have confidence in who we are and accept who we are because it is not going to change and we are beautiful.”

She Leads, You Follow: Teen Choice Awards Edition

The blue carpet was rolled out on August 16 for the arrival of Hollywood’s rising young stars at the Teen Choice Awards. Held in Los Angele’s Galen Center, the star-studded event was as much about the fashion as it was about the awards, and what tremendous fashion there was!

One of the first looks to catch our eye came courtesy of Gina Rodriguez. According to PopSugar, the actress took to the Teen Choice Awards’ blue carpet in a gunmetal Alberta Ferretti dress, featuring the tiniest bit of beading and a crochet-like hemline. Rodriguez completed her look with dainty silver jewelry, nude pointed-toe pumps and  sultry loose waves.

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale certainly looked pretty as she arrived to the Teen Choice Awards, wearing a blue and black minidress with a plunging, mesh-covered neckline. Hale swept her hair back in a sleek updo and kept the rest of her accessories quite simple, wearing minimal jewelry and pairing her sassy frock with a black Edie Parker clutch and strappy sandals.

Sarah Hyland added a splash of color to the awards, showing up in a cheerful yellow Christian Siriano crop top and shorts set, which she paired with the ever-popular strappy sandal by Stuart Weitzman. The Modern Family actress added another subtle punch of color with her blue earrings, but kept her bracelet neutral, wearing a sparkly silver bangle.

Although these gorgeous ladies are decked out for a red (or in this case, blue) carpet event, there are some things we can take away from their looks to apply to our everyday style:

  1. Small details have a large effect – Gina Rodriguez’s gunmetal grey dress shows us just how small details can come together to create something beautiful. Her dress is constructed in an almost net-like fashion with a nude underlay filling in the dead space. But on each of the ‘seams’ on the netting, there is a small bead that catches the light and adds some dimension to the dress. Finishing off the dress is a crocheted hemline, injecting a bit of femininity into what otherwise could’ve been a pretty edgy dress. No matter what you are shopping for — a dress, a top, a pair of pants or even shoes — look for small details like a subtle texture (like lace, crochet or netting) or shine that will work with the other elements of the piece to make a dimensional, multifaceted look.
  2. Pick a focal point – When putting together an outfit, it’s crucial to pick one focal point of the ensemble, whether it’s wearing a short skirt to show off your legs or wearing an open back to flaunt your back. In Lucy Hale’s case, she chose to wear a dress with a deep v-neckline, making her open neck her outfit’s main focus. Note that she kept her shoes and clutch black to blend in with the black in her dress while also keeping her accessories to a minimum — this allows the neckline of the dress to be the star of the outfit while all of the other components play a supporting role. When putting together an outfit, be sure to pick a focal point (like an open neckline) and don’t pair it with accessories that will compete with that focal point by trying to draw the eye elsewhere. For example, if you choose to wear a dress with a neon pink waist, don’t wear a shoe in an equally loud, contrasting color that will draw the eye away from that point; this will only segment your outfit and create two different areas of interest, making it difficult to spot where we should direct our attention.
  3. Brights will light up your day – Sarah Hyland’s bright yellow crop top and shorts set showed us just how flattering yellow can be. Brights, in general, are very skin tone-enhancing colors, but be careful with brights done in pastel — pastels, although beautiful, are desaturated colors, which can end up washing out those of us with pale complexions. If you want to try a bright color, take Hyland’s lead and wear a color that has some saturation to it. This ensures that the color will warm up your skin tone rather than make you appear pale.