Stefani closer to unveiling beauty line

Gwen Stefani may have a makeup line in the works — or at least that’s what the trademark filings indicate.

According to Glamour singer, designer and The Voice judge reportedly filed trademark documents in back in March to start work on her own beauty line. Filing the documents for “P8NT” — pronounced “paint” —  Glamour says Stefani has registered the trademark for 21 product categories solely in makeup, which range from “lipstick and lip balm to fake eyelashes and fake nails to ‘eyebrow gloss.'”

But the line doesn’t seem to end there: Glamour reports that the United States Patent and Trademark Office filing indicates a potential 31 product in skincare, registering for “toner, masks, moisturizer, essential oils, sunscreen, depilatory creams, bath oil, and ‘bath powder.'”

And don’t think Stefani forgot two other very important areas; in hair, Glamour reports seven product categories, including “‘hair waving lotion,’ hair color remover, box dyes, shampoo, rinses, and conditioner,” while the filing also made mention of perfumes and incense.

Looks like this line is shaping up to be bananas — B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Stefani packs style into two new eyewear lines

Finding out you need to wear glasses doesn’t have to be a fashion death sentence  — that’s what Gwen Stefani is proving with her new eyewear lines.

According to ELLEthe No Doubt singer has launched two eyewear lines — Tura—gx by Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B — with the new styles set to debut this month. Sharing with ELLE that her son Kingston was the inspiration behind including her first junior’s collection, Stefani said it’s a chance to make fashionable eyewear for the entire family.

“He had to get them starting in kindergarten, and at first, I felt so nervous, but he loves them,” she said.  “And it’s amazing how life works itself out, because I have to wear glasses now, so we can all match.”

But beyond her son providing some motivation for the eyewear line, Stefani elaborated to  ELLE on her third collaboration with eyewear design company Tura, not only calling her design partners “dope,” but also sharing that they both want to ensure that her designs only enhanced a wearer’s personal style.

“…We’re very honest about the fact that if you’re wearing glasses, they’re not invisible. We can see them,” she said. “They don’t fade into the rest of your look. So if you’re going to wear them, you might as well go with a bold color, a cool pattern, something beautiful.”

Be sure to check out Stefani’s new frames for Tura and L.A.M.B before they are available for purchase later this month.