Johansson enters highest-paid list

The men of the film industry just got some female competition, and she’s giving them a run for their money — literally.

According to Vogue, Scarlett Johansson was just named the 10th highest earning film star of all time. Because the rest of the list is comprised of all male actors, Vogue says that The Avengers star “may be the first female to earn a spot on the coveted list.”

Johansson’s $3.3 billion earnings were just enough to break her into the top 10, which is dominated by what Vogue calls “Hollywood’s elder statesmen.” Falling just behind Michael Caine who earned $3.34 billion, Johansson joins the likes of Harrison Ford (No. 1), Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hanks in the top 10.

Her closest female counterpart on the list: Cameron Diaz, who comes in at No. 19 with $3 billion, according to the Box Office Mojo list.

While the top 10 is still rather male-heavy, maybe Johansson’s presence will open the door for other females to join the club.