#BornandMade with Love

“Born in Brooklyn and made with love,” haircare company Carol’s Daughter began from humble beginnings in a New York kitchen and grew to a successful line of hair lotions and creams available in Target stores across the country. And according to PopSugarfounder Lisa Price has started a new initiative to honor not only her own personal background, but also those of her faithful customers and fans.

Price’s new ‘#BornandMade’ campaign allows women to proudly proclaim who they are and what they’re made of by visiting BornandMade.com. Here, users can upload an image of themselves and add a text overlay describing themselves to the world in a few short sentences. The website proudly boasts example images of the #BornandMade photos, none of which feature models — one of the women featured is Youtube vlogger Whitney White.

Price told PopSugar that although the words are positioned over the face, each woman’s natural beauty and inner radiance breaks through the text and shines through. “It almost takes the superficial and puts it in the background,” she said, “so your beauty is still there but it’s as though it’s shining from within, and what’s paramount is your message.”

#BornandMade photos are not only a creative way to profess our heritages, it also works in tandem with I Am That Girl, an organization that “gives young women a forum to hash out all their problems,” PopSugar says. Price explained to PopSugar that I Am That Girl aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment for women and girls to freely express themselves and surrender their insecurities, saying “They come to an I Am That Girl setting and they realize the insecurity and awkwardness doesn’t have to be there.”

Thank you, Lisa Price, for not only teaching us to be proud of where we came from, but also how to help our future generations of female leaders.