Woods works to release activewear line

Call it athleisure, call it activewear, call it whatever you want — but just be sure to call this forthcoming line yours.

According to W magazine, model Jordyn Woods is preparing to release a brand-new activewear line inspired by her new-found love of all things fitness. Revealing her plans at a recent NBA All-Star Game party, she said that the line will likely make its debut “hopefully by summer.”

This new line is not her first foray into the design world; says that the model previously designed for extended-size line Addition Elle, which featured a host of trendy pieces ranging from leggings to lace-up T-shirts.

But when it comes to her new line, what can we expect? If her description of her personal style is any indication, we’re all in luck:

“Comfort is key,” she said, according to W. “You have to find what works for your body type. For my body type, it’s either a tight top and loose bottoms or a loose top and tight bottoms, but I try to accentuate the things that I like about my body.”

Where do we sign up for this, Jordyn?


Woods to debut first fashion line

It’s never too early to start thinking about fall fashion, and it looks like we have the perfect new line to keep our eyes on.

According to Cosmopolitanmodel Jordyn Woods is set to launch her first-ever clothing line, which will take the form of a collaboration with retailer Addition ElleOfficially debuting in September during Addition Elle’s New York Fashion Week Show, Cosmo reports that the 15-piece line will range from sizes 12 to 26 and will cost between $42 to $178.

With classic denim looks and ultra-modern graffiti jackets, the compact collection offers an array of styles for a spectrum of sizes — something Woods said is a shared mission of hers and Addition Elle.

“I was excited to partner with Addition Elle as they embody everything I stand for,” she said in a statement, according to Cosmo. “They are a style destination for women who truly embrace their figures and are passionate about building a fashion democracy within the industry, offering the latest trends for all body types.”

Sounds like a worthwhile collaboration to us!

Woods launches new fashion line

If you’re looking to revamp your style, a forthcoming clothing line is sure to inject a bit of California cool-girl into your wardrobe.

On July 19, model Jordyn Woods announced to Glamour a collaboration with Boohoo.com that includes two capsule collections of trendy styles. With one collection due in mid-September and the other following during the holiday season, Glamour says that the fashion line is set to include “everything a California it-girl loves, from bombers and jeans, to head-turning party dresses and Kim Kardashian-esque dusters — all in nude silks and gem-tone velvets.

Perhaps the best part is that all of the pieces will be available in sizes ranging from a size 2 to a 22 — something that Woods told Glamour was very important to her.

“This has been an incredible opportunity to design a collection that embraces all body types,” she said to Glamour. “There were points in my life growing up when I wanted to dress like other girls my age, but I couldn’t find clothes in my size that were as cute as theirs. With boohoo.com, I have been supported and encouraged to create something that all women can have access to and that I am proud of.”

Another key element in Woods’ new collection: its focus on being both comfortable and fashionable. Woods explained her line’s aim to Glamour this way: “My ultimate goal is to be as comfortable as possible,” she said. “You can’t fully be confident when you’re uncomfortable.”

With comfort and style like that promised by Woods’ new capsule collections, September can’t come quickly enough!

Everybody has a beach body

If you’ve ever felt insecure putting on a bathing suit, you’re certainly not alone. But a new campaign is here to tell you that you can strut your stuff on the beach and feel comfortable, confident and beautiful, flaws and all.

According to the Huffington Post, a new string of ads by swimwear company SwimsuitsForAll has decided to tear down the concept of the thigh gap — a purported space between a woman’s thighs. The message behind the campaign: you are beautiful in a swimsuit no matter your body type, shape or size, whether you have a thigh gap or not.

Featured in the campaign is Ashley Graham, who has a collection of swimsuits with the online retailer, as well as Aerie model Iskra Lawrence and fellow models Denise Bidot and Jordyn Woods, says Huffington Post.

Each model was photographed from behind, says Huffington Post, showing each woman’s  best ‘assets’ while simultaneously taking down the notion that a thigh gap is necessary to look good in a bathing suit.

SwimsuitsForAll’s adjoining social media campaign — #myswimbody — was first launched in May, says Huffington Post, and encourages social media users to share their own swimsuit photos. But the recent thigh gap ads further drive home the message that everybody has a beach-ready body.

“Mind the gap, or don’t mind the gap – who cares?” SwimsuitsForAll said in a statement, according to Huffington Post. “It’s the summer of #MySwimBody!”