Good American launches maternity jeans

Khloé Kardashian brainchild Good American jeans has just unveiled a line of denim perfect for those who are expecting a child of their own.

According to PopSugar, the designer and mom-to-be has expanded her inclusive denim brand with a brand-new maternity line. Called Good MamaPopSugar reports that the line is fit for all stages of pregnancy and offers two different styles that come in a range of sizes from 00 to 24.

While Kardashian is expecting her own little bundle of joy, she told PopSugar that Good Mama was already in the works long before she had a bun in the oven, making the line all the more meaningful to her.

“I have been working on this for honestly six months, even before I got pregnant, which is crazy! I feel like we are putting things into the universe . . .” she said. “We’ve been working on a maternity denim line called Good Mama . . . I’m so excited because I really miss wearing jeans during my pregnancy. I think you look so cute and chic and there’s only so many dresses or leggings I can wear every day.”

These new options for moms-in-the-making do come a cost, though that’s expected for quality denim: PopSugar says pieces in the line start at $149 and cap at $179.

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‘Good American’ is good for all

From reality TV to fashion to beauty, the Kardashians are certainly at the fore of shaping cultural and fashion trends. And with launch of Khloe Kardashian’s all-new denim line adds to their pervasive pop-culture influence, it may also have the power to shape the fashion industry itself.

According to Fortune, Kardahsian joined forces with fashion executive Emma Grede to launch Good American, a new jeans line “designed for many women’s body types, especially for those who have a more curvy figure” that will be available through the all-new Good American website and in Nordstrom stores.

Telling ELLE that she wants to ensure that women feel beautiful at any size, Kardashian said:

“It’s important to me, no matter what size I am or weight I am, to feel beautiful. Even at my biggest I was rocking body con dresses and you couldn’t tell me twice. That’s what I think Good American is. It’s about women of individuality and diversity, but also about being comfortable in yourself.”

Thus, the duo set out to create a line of jeans that enhances women’s natural curves and makes denim sizes a little more inclusive. Fortune reports that not only have Kardashian and Grede “spent the past year working on perfecting the fabric and contouring of the jeans so that the stitching is complimentary to all sizes,” they have designed the line in a range of sizes, from zero to 24 — ensuring that all women can find jeans that they love. The best part: Fortune reports that all sizes sold in Nordstrom stores will not be separated based on size, placing smaller sizes away from plus sizes in distinct sections.

What’s more is that each of the styles currently available — which range from a boyfriend-style, to a skinny jean, to a high-waisted pair — are all modeled by women with varying body types, says Fortune. Grede told ELLE  that such an approach aims to reflect the spectrum of beauty present in our world.

“We have girls of all different colors, ethnicities, heights, sizes. They have tattoos, shaved heads– everything. Because that’s really now what our world is. It’s not about cookie cutter ‘I’m a blonde with long flowing hair,'” she said.

Available for purchase through the new Good American site, as well as at Nordstrom, Fortune says the denim retails between $139 and $189. To shop the new line, click here.