MAC debuts Aaliyah collection

Clear out your makeup bags and make some space on your vanities, because a brand-new MAC collection is ready to drop.

According to PopSugar, MAC is set to drop its new MAC x Aaliyah Collection that celebrates the life and work of late music superstar Aaliyah, something that her brother Rashad Houghton told the site came as a direct result of her fans.

“My sister’s fans, throughout the years now, have been so incredible, just being passionate about keeping her legacy alive. We, along with the MAC team, made sure that every aspect, every shade, every color was something that the fans would love. The whole line is dedicated to the fans, because that’s what my sister would want.”

Launching online on June 20 and in select stores on June 21, PopSugar reports that the collection “an illuminating bronzing powder, a nine-pan eye shadow palette, and lipsticks, liners, and glosses inspired by the singer’s iconic beauty looks and music.”

With lipstick shades like “Try Again” (a nude shade) and  “More Than a Woman” (a cool red), PopSugar says all shades in the line are inspired by her “favorite colors and personal style,” even offering up a bright red shade similar to the one she rocked in the music video for “We Need a Resolution.”

Even the line’s packaging offers a piece of the singer, says PopSugar, featuring Aaliyah’s signature over a burgundy exterior.

Ready to shop? Click here to check out the products before the drop.

MAC releasing scented lip glosses

MAC is about to release the modern revamp of our favorite ’90s makeup pleasures.

According to PopSugar, the makeup brand has teased new versions of their popular Lipglass, which apparently taste and smell like desserts, fruit and all things sweet.

While specifics on the new glosses are far from clear, PopSugar said that the shades and their adjoining scents include “Death by Chocolate, which is a moody purple. Banana Muffins is a bold orange, Coconut Macaroon is rose gold, Funfetti Cake is an iridescent silver, Raspberry Cream is a punchy berry, and Strawberry Torte is red, obviously.”

If these really smell and taste like their namesakes, we’re all in for a treat — literally.

Lakshmi and MAC collaborate on capsule collection

What do you get when you pair a world-famous model, TV host and author with a popular makeup brand?

According to InStylethe result is a luxurious capsule collaboration between Padma Lakshmi and MAC Cosmetics. The pair’s first collection will feature “brushes, rich lip hues in gloss and traditional bullet form, an eyeshadow quad and warm blush shades,” says InStyle, all in a rich gold packaging that makes the collection just as elegant as it is beautiful.

Despite the luxe look, InStyle reports that the line’s price range is comparable to MAC’s regular prices, with items ranging from $22 to $43.50.

However, the collection won’t be standard fare for the brand; InStyle says that while Lakshmi’s line will go on sale on March 15, it will be phased out by April, so fans will have to scurry to snag their products.


MAC moves to Ulta

Sold exclusively through their own outlets, MAC Cosmetics are about to become a little more accessible.

According to WWD, the major beauty brand will soon be adding their stock to Ulta Beauty stores, first making its debut “via the beauty specialty store’s e-commerce platform in May and then via about 25 stores in June.”

The move to make MAC more accessible comes after a February announcement that beauty fanatics could shop their products at Birchbox, says Refinery29, an unexpected move that preceded an even bigger announcement. But when MAC finds a home away from home within Ulta stores around the country, they certainly won’t be holding anything back.

Refinery29 reports that in addition to popular products like “Kylie Jenner-approved lip pencils” and “Studio Fix Fluid foundation,” MAC will open up their own makeup service counters within Ulta stores.

One of Ulta stores’ most requested brands, according to David Kimbell, chief merchandising and marketing officer at Ulta, WWD says that by the end of 2017, MAC products will make their way to more than 100 Ultas around the country.


MAC teases ‘basic’ eye shadow palette

A new eye shadow palette may be coming your way very soon, according to Marie Claire.

While Milan Fashion Week was underway, Marie Claire says Netta Szekely — senior makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics — took to Instagram to reveal a forthcoming eye shadow palette called, “Basic Bitch.” The palette, which “includes eight new eyeshadows and what appears to be a highlighter,” features all of the most versatile colors a palette could ever boast, ranging from a wine-colored hue to a gun-metal grey.

Marie Claire also says the palette includes a highlighter, which goes by the name of “Love This Bitch.” The pale rose color offers a hint of shimmer, as opposed to colors such as “Shy Girl” and “Tattle Tale,” which are more overtly sparkly.

Although the new palette is certainly exciting, Marie Claire reports that there is no word yet on its release.

You know what Beyoncé says: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

MAC launches ‘Betty Boop’ lipstick

If you’re in need of the perfect shade of red lipstick this Valentine’s Day, MAC Cosmetics has you covered.

According to InStyle, the makeup company just launched a limited-edition, Betty Boop-inspired lipstick. The lip color, says InStyle, mirrors the character’s “signature pout in the form of a true blue-based red hue.”

Available today, the lipstick is available in the United States for $17 on, reports InStyle, while the lip color will make its worldwide debut in May.

Who needs a valentine to buy you a gift when you can treat yourself to this new lip hue?

‘MAC Selena’ to re-release in late December

Released in October, MAC Cosmetics’ Selena Quintanilla-inspired makeup line immediately sold out. But, according to the Huffington Post, the cosmetics company announced that they will be re-releasing the line.

Shared via MAC’s Twitter account, the Huffington Post says that the Selena collection will relaunch online on Dec. 28 and make its second appearance in stores on Dec. 29.

“According to a Tweet from the brand, it considered feedback from customers and ‘created a smoother online shopping experience’ that should better enable fans to get their hands on the highly coveted collection,” reports HuffPost.

So if you’re ready to do some post-holiday shopping, MAC says you can find the collection at MAC stores, as well as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom, among others.

Learn more here.

‘MACnificent’ No Matter What

Beauty has no size restrictions. That’s what Luzmaria Vargas is teaching the world in her winning video for MAC Cosmetic’s “MACnificent Me” campaign contest.

According to The Huffington Post, Vargas, a California native, was chosen as one of six winners of a video contest to be the face of MAC’s “self-love campaign,” an effort by the cosmetic company that aims to celebrate “people’s personal styles and beauty — both inside and out.” The campaign’s page describes what it means to be ‘MACnificent,’ which involves being “creative, being confident, having fun and most of all, being true to yourself.”

As one of the winners, Vargas was flown to New York City to receive a makeover, and MAC chronicled her experience in a video, in which she confessed that as a bigger woman, she sometimes struggles with being confident in her appearance. “Some people just think because you’re overweight you don’t have feelings,” she said.

However, The Huffington Post says she found that receiving the makeover from MAC and being featured as one of their models helped her feel beautiful. In reflecting on her ‘MACnificent’ experience, she said, “It feels so good because I know there’s so many women out there that won’t express themselves [because] they’re overweight. But if I did it, they can all do it.”

Thank you, Luzmaria, for teaching us that true beauty is not bound by size, and that we are all ‘MACnificent’ no matter what.