Gomez gives body-positive response following IG comments

Can’t a girl just go on vacation with her friends? While that could have been the response Selena Gomez left for body shamers on her Instagram, she instead chose to make it a teachable moment.

According to Marie Claire, when the multi-hyphenate started posting some bikini-clad photos from a recent vacation — some of which revealed scars from her recent kidney transplant surgery — some followers saw it as an opportunity to comment on her physique. However, Gomez didn’t let the comments get to her; instead, Marie Claire said she posted a moving response focused on self care:

“The beauty myth-an obsession with physical perfection that traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society’s impossible definition of flawless beauty. I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone.
Wind in her sails. 🌈💜”

And with this one post, Gomez instantly pointed out — and destroyed — the confines within which women everywhere are placed.

Marie Claire publishes first sustainability issue

With 33 percent of consumers seeking out environmentally and socially friendly brands, sustainability is becoming an increasingly high priority for consumers around the world.  But sometimes, shoppers need a little help finding inspiration for their sustainable style pursuits.

Cue Marie Claire, who according to Fashionista just released their first-ever “sustainability-focused” issue, which not only “features stories on eco-friendly fashion faves like Reformation,” but also “profiles eco-fashion activists like Emma Watson and Livia Firth.”

In an interview with FashionistaMarie Claire editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider shared that the idea for the issue was initiated by her editors at a staff dinner over a year earlier, and finally came to fruition with the help of an advisory board filled with fashion and sustainability experts alike, which included the likes of worldwide sustainability director for Amazon Kara Hurst and representatives from the CFDA.

When asked by Fashionista about the “relentless positivity” of fashion magazines in a time when politics have made a lack of concern about the environment apparent, Fulenwider said she hopes Marie Claire‘s attention to sustainability will have something of a ripple effect.

“I think one of the best things we can do is apply peer pressure,” she told Fashionista. “It’s like the high school rule. If enough cool people are taking this on, those who may not be moved by their own moral compass may change, too.”

Here’s hoping fashion media can incite change! To read about sustainability in Marie Claire, click here.

Chopra shifts focus in ‘Wendy’ interview

Who someone’s dating should never outshine the things they’ve achieved — that’s what Priyanka Chopra implied in an interview on The Wendy Williams Show this week.

According to Marie Clairethe Quantico and Baywatch star used her time on Williams’ purple couch to remind the morning talk show host that dating someone doesn’t overshadow their accomplishments, even when that person is dating a royal. When Williams asked Chopra about friend Meghan Markle (who is dating Prince Harry), Williams referred to Markle as “Prince Harry’s girlfriend,” says Marie Claire. 

Chopra responded to the reference by reciting her friend’s resume: “Also Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements,” she said.

Here’s to maintaining an identity beyond a relationship!

MAC teases ‘basic’ eye shadow palette

A new eye shadow palette may be coming your way very soon, according to Marie Claire.

While Milan Fashion Week was underway, Marie Claire says Netta Szekely — senior makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics — took to Instagram to reveal a forthcoming eye shadow palette called, “Basic Bitch.” The palette, which “includes eight new eyeshadows and what appears to be a highlighter,” features all of the most versatile colors a palette could ever boast, ranging from a wine-colored hue to a gun-metal grey.

Marie Claire also says the palette includes a highlighter, which goes by the name of “Love This Bitch.” The pale rose color offers a hint of shimmer, as opposed to colors such as “Shy Girl” and “Tattle Tale,” which are more overtly sparkly.

Although the new palette is certainly exciting, Marie Claire reports that there is no word yet on its release.

You know what Beyoncé says: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

Teigen takes on equal representation in modeling

Chrissy Teigen held back nothing in an exchange with E! News when it came to equal representation in both modeling and the entertainment industry at large.

According to Marie Claire, she told the entertainment news outlet that she wants it to become normal to see Asian models walk down the runway and even see broader representations of Asians in popular culture items, such as film.

“I think it’s really important to start embracing people…seeing them in roles that are not necessarily ‘That Asian Girl’ or ‘That Asian Boy,'” she said. “In movies you’re like ‘Oh, this Asian girl is dating this white guy’ — I want that to be normal.”

Refinery29 said she also touched on cultural appropriation, offering that there is a fine line being honoring and whitewashing a culture:

“I personally am not offended by cultural appropriation of any sort because I feel like it does pay homage, but at the same time there are a lot of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Asian women that could do the same thing.”




First-ever ‘Young Women’s Honors’ to be hosted by Marie Claire

Women are achieving amazing things, and Marie Claire recognizes that young women are reaching new heights every single day. That’s why the magazine is teaming up with actress Gina Rodriguez to celebrate the world’s future female leaders.

Marie Claire announced their first-ever Young Women’s Honors, an “awards ceremony presented by Clinique and hosted by Gina Rodriguez, aimed entirely at amazing female millennials doing amazing things” which is set to air on Dec. 19 on the CW network.

Explaining the ceremony’s purpose, the magazine’s editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider said that it is a natural extension of Marie Claire’s longstanding mission.

Marie Claire has a rich history of spotlighting women making a difference around the globe and I am constantly amazed by this new generation making change happen,” Fulenwider said, according to Marie Claire. “Marie Claire’s Young Women’s Honors will highlight these brilliant young women, and we hope to empower future generations to come.”

To select their honorees, candidates will be screened by a panel of judges, which includes Fulenwider, as well as “Clinique global brand president Jane Lauder, Lord & Taylor president Liz Rodbell, and Gina Rodriguez herself as chair,” reports Marie Claire.

For Rodriguez, the Honors are all about inspiring young women to pursue their dreams despite perceived roadblocks to success.

“My goal in creating Young Women’s Honors is to generate positivity, inclusivity, unlimited potential, and the possibility every woman is born with,” she said, according to Marie Claire. “As a young Latina, I had to break down barriers and overcome naysayers. When you see someone following their dreams, it gives you allowance to follow your own.”

For more information on the Young Women’s Honors, click here.


Watson pushes for sexual assault policy reform

An impassioned advocate for women and girls, Emma Watson is no stranger to speaking up to secure the rights of women around the world — and her recent speech is no exception.

According to Marie Claire, Watson addressed the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Sept. 20, to draw attention to “sexual assault on college campuses as she presented HeForShe‘s report on gender equality within universities.”

In her speech, Marie Claire says Watson explained that universities around the world are responsible for showing women “that not only do they have the right to study, but that they have the right and opportunity to lead within universities too.”

Later calling for revamped sexual assault policies on college campuses, Marie Claire reports Watson painted a picture of universities as a “place of refuge” from violence.

“A university should be a place of refuge that takes action against all forms of violence,” she said. “That’s why, we believe, that students should leave university believing in, striving for, and expecting societies of true equality in every sense and that universities have the power to be a vital catalyst for change.”

Watson went on to assert that the college experience must make the safety of all those who are vulnerable, including women and minorities, a “right and not a privilege,” reports Marie Claire.

This right, she offered, “will be respected by a community that supports and respects survivors, and recognizes that when one person’s safety is violated, the safety of everyone should feel violated.”

H&M makes metallics glow

Fall is quickly approaching, and just as we change out our wardrobes for the season, so too do we swap out our summer makeup for more autumn-inspired looks.

Cue H&M’s new fall 2016 makeup collection, which packs all of the season’s major trends into an affordable line. Marie Claire reports that the retailer’s new, limited-edition “Precious Glow” collection offers a host of metallic makeup options — including “metallic lipstick, gilded brows, foil-effect shadows and crystal eye gems” all for $15 and under.

Each product makes a statement, offering bold, shimmering looks with pops of color, sparkling gems and iridescent shadows, so when you wear one of H&M’s new products, be sure to pick one feature on your face that you’d like to highlight and make that the star of your look.

Our two favorite ways to make a statement with your new H&M makeup:

The Fluid Foil Liquid Eyeshadow: Available in gold and silver, this liquid eyeshadow will deliver a rich, concentrated metallic color that is sure to make for a dramatic look. Price: $9.99.

The Let it Glow Body Oil: A more subtle approach to the trendy metallic look, this shimmering body oil will cast bronzy sheen all over your body and make it seem as if your are glowing from the inside out.

Happy Shopping!

Larson enters the Marvel universe

When Captain Marvel was introduced in the 1960s, Marie Claire says the character was the first leading female character to enter the Marvel universe. And now, that character will be brought to life by none other than Brie Larson.

The Room” actress and Oscar winner is set to take on the role of Captain Marvel (or Carol Danvers) in a 2019 film called, “Captain Marvel,” reports Marie Claire. The news was announced at the recent Comic-Con event held for the forthcoming film, in which Larson attended the cast’s panel discussion.

Marie Claire explains Larson’s character this way:

“Captain Marvel began as Carol Danvers, a superpower-free person who fell in love with her friend, the original Captain Marvel. Carol became Ms Marvel, and later attained superpowers after an accident. The weird bit was that Carol didn’t know she was Ms Marvel, and Ms Marvel didn’t known she was Carol.”

A brief stint with the Avengers and memory loss via X-Men’s Rogue all combine to make this a highly complicated character, but as Marie Claire says, “The film will finally act as an answer to all the desperate calls from fans for Marvel to hurry up and make more films that give the company’s female characters justice.”

Amen to that.

‘Girls’ cast makes NowThis video on sexual assault

Something can be done to address the problem of sexual assault — that’s the message the cast of HBO’s Girls joined together to share in a recent video.

According to Marie Claire, Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet banded together for a NowThis video that “highlights sobering facts not only about sexual assault, but also about the culture that allows it.”

In addition to presenting facts on the issue, the actresses also describe ways in which individuals can attempt to change the culture surrounding sexual assault, which includes calling out hurtful remarks or simply listening to a survivor, says Marie Claire.

While Mamet explains that they “hope to represent the solidarity and support all survivors should be able to find,” Williams says that we — as a society — should be more open to discussing the topic.

Coming on the heels of the prominent Stanford rape case, the video has earned over 14,000 likes thus far — and was even dedicated to the survivor.

While the stars presented many important points, there is perhaps one key message to take away from the video:

“Support. Listen. Take action. Not because she is someone’s daughter. Or someone’s girlfriend. Or someone’s sister. But because she is someone.”