ModCloth moves forward with fight to end Photoshopping

Photoshop is slowly becoming no friend to fashion — between Aerie’s #AerieReal campaign and ModCloth’s history of promoting body positivity, there is less space in the industry for the notorious editing program. And now, ModCloth is attempting to ensure that extreme photoshopping is stopped altogether.

According to Bustle, the retailer sent Co-Founder Susan Gregg Koger to Washington D.C. with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Rep. Lois Capps and Rep. Theodore E. Deutch on June 16 to “help raise awareness for the Truth In Advertising Act, a bill designed to regulate the use of material image-altering (aka unethical use of Photoshop) in advertising.”

First to sign the Truth in Advertising pledge in 2014, ModCloth thus promised to never edit the models featured in their photos in any way, says Bustle, aligning with their motto of being “committed to inspiring personal style and helping our community and customers feel like the best version of themselves.”

Bustle reports that ModCloth has partnered with I Am That Girl an organization that helps girls foster a sense of self-love — and The Representation Project — a movement to inspire people to overcome societal stereotypes — to promote the Truth in Advertising Act through a letter-writing campaign. The campaign asks supporters of the act to write to their congressional representatives to support the bill.

To participate in the letter-writing campaign, ModCloth and their partners created a site through which supporters can easily look up their representatives and submit a letter digitally, says Bustle. The goal is to have sent 10,000 letters to congressional representative to support the act, and so far, almost 2,900 have been submitted.

Speaking on behalf of the act, Bustle said a press release from ModCloth detailed Koger’s explanation of the bill’s importance and its potential effects in Capitol Hill. Koger said:

“Portraying women in an honest and realistic way is essential to fulfilling our brand purpose of empowering women to be the best version of themselves … It demonstrates to young women that measurements are a fact, not a judgement. We want to lend our voice and the support of the ModCloth community to this movement to stop the extreme and harmful Photoshopping of women in advertisements.”

We couldn’t agree more.

ModCloth dives into body-positive swimwear

Everybody has a bikini body — that’s what ModCloth’s new swimwear line is proving.

According to TODAY, the body-positive fashion retailer announced earlier this week the launch of their in-house swimwear line, “High Dive by ModCloth.” Featuring everything from retro to sexy silhouettes, TODAY says the campaign to promote the new line places the company’s employees and customers in front of the camera to model the styles.

ModCloth co-founder Susan Gregg Koger told TODAY that these swimsuits aim to please women of all shapes and sizes.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about unreal women and real women — we’re all real women, we all have bodies,” she said. “And when we put swimsuits on, we all have swimsuit bodies.”

With a Los Angeles photoshoot featuring employees and customers alike, Koger explained that she hoped to celebrate the diversity of the female figure — something the company has stood behind since its inception and still sees a need to address today.

“This is still an important conversation,” Koger told TODAY. “If you look around on social media and at everything that’s been happening — Amy Schumer calling out Glamour for putting her in the plus-size issue… the conversation is definitely still relevant.”

While the company and its new line aims to celebrate all body types, Koger said that thinner women are certainly not excluded from their mission.

“Women who have figures that are more like traditional models are real women as well, right?” she offered, according to TODAY. “So we wanted to do even more, and show the diversity in the ModCloth community. That’s part of what makes life so beautiful and interesting.”

Helping to kick off the launch of the line is a new video series called the Hot Tub Roundtable. The series’ first installment features Koger and three female entrepreneurs enjoying a hot tub while decked out in the new ModCloth swimwear, discussing “what it’s like to be a boss and run your own business in the digital age,” reports TODAY.

Hoping to put out a new video at least every other month, Koger told TODAY, “”I’m excited to sit down with other interesting women — I want to talk to women of different ages, women from different backgrounds … Let’s get a rocket scientist in the hot tub! That would be so cool.”




ModCloth is ‘Dropping the Plus’

If you’ve stopped by ModCloth’s online storefront lately, you may have noticed that it’s looking a little different. The navigation bar of their website now lacks the ‘plus-size’ tab, but never fear — the retailer hasn’t gotten rid of extending sizing altogether. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

According to Marie Claire, ModCloth is still selling sizes 16 and above and even expanding the styles they offer in this size range, but they have officially removed the term “plus-size” from their site. Instead of featuring a separate plus-size tab on their navigation, they are “integrating larger sizes into the rest of their lineup” by incorporating extended-size sections into their already-existing navigation tabs. For example, if you are shopping for dresses in a size 18, you will now find extended sizes under the ‘Dresses’ tab instead of a separate ‘Plus-Size’ tab.

Following on the heels of a recent Internet campaign called #DropThePlus (which “went viral after models noticed that thinner and thinner models were receiving a “plus” label for no reason”), ModCloth introduced their own line of clothing in August which offers all of the pieces in their collection in a complete size range — XS through 4X to be exact.

A blog on ModCloth’s site explains that after introducing the line at their Fit Shop in San Francisco, they witnessed “women of all shapes and sizes, shopping together in one place, and even trying on the same styles.”

ModCloth’s Founder Susan Gregg Koger spoke on the impact of this moment. “I think there is still an outdated notion in the [fashion] industry that ‘plus’ should be separate because it’s less aspirational, or because that consumer is less fashion-forward, or less willing to spend on herself. But what we’re hearing and seeing from our community is that it is simply not true,” she explained.

Seeing friends of different sizes having fun while shopping together in one section prompted them to examine the structure of their website in order to recreate online the inclusive shopping experience they observed in their store. “If ‘Plus’ isn’t a separate section in our shop, then why should it be a separate section on our site? Instead of ‘Plus’ standing alone as its own category, isn’t it really a part of other categories, like maxi dresses are a part of the ‘Dresses’ category? Eureka! That’s it,” their blog says.

Explaining that they chose to define shopping categories by “types of clothing, not by types of bodies,” the ModCloth blog says they finally landed on the term “extending sizing” to replace the term “plus” because “it’s an all-encompassing term that could, in the future, also contain XXS, petite, tall, and other various sizing extensions beyond the standard range. It’s another step towards size- and body-inclusivity.”

Koger says that dropping the terms ‘plus’ or ‘plus-size’ from their site is making a statement, one that will hopefully “provide a better shopping experience for our community today, but hopefully will spark a change in the broader fashion industry in the future.”

Further, this move to create a more welcoming shopping experience for women of all sizes aims to showcase ModCloth’s belief that “style knows no size,” while also creating “the most inclusive, confidence-boosting shopping experience for everyone and every body.”

Thank you, ModCloth, for teaching us all that style is sizeless. We, too, believe in #StyleForAll.

Take Her Look [For Less]

The leaves on the trees may be changing from their summertime green to their autumnal reds, oranges and yellows, but a certain stylish lady wasn’t ready to trade in her bright green frock for more seasonal colors just yet. We’re looking at you, Amal Clooney.

According to The Huffington Post, Mrs. Clooney was spotted out in New York City on Sept. 29 with husband George to attend the 15th anniversary screening of Clooney’s “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” InStyle says that Clooney wore a green Versace cocktail dress, which she paired with black and green Jimmy Choo sandals and bold statement earrings.

Clooney’s end-of-summer style certainly caught our eye, but so did its price tag. Her dress, the Versace Pleated Dress, is currently available at for a lofty $2,045 — and that’s not even considering her Jimmy Choo sandals, which have similar styles originally priced at $800 on With Clooney’s NYC-night-out look coming in at around $2,845, we set out to recreate her entire look for less than $200. Read on for the results!

Finding a frock in an equally bright, cheerful shade of green was no easy task, but we finally landed on the Springs to Mind Dress from ModCloth. Not only is this sweet dress done in a similar shade of green, it also features a similar construction with a fuller skirt and fitted bodice. This dress, however, won’t set you back $2,045, as it’s available for only $54.99.

The Springs to Mind Dress, found on

The Springs to Mind Dress, found on

Nothing can compare to Clooney’s two-tone Jimmy Choo sandals, but we thought the N.Y.L.A. Mercutio Sandal from DSW came in a close second. Although this sandal features a more cage-like foot design, its strap pattern is reminiscent of Clooney’s heels. The best part — these sandals will complete your Clooney-inspired look for less for only $49.95.

The N.Y.L.A. Mercutio Sandal, found on

The N.Y.L.A. Mercutio Sandal, found on

Amal Clooney’s all-over green ensemble made us green with envy, but we certainly didn’t envy its $2,845 estimated total price.But if you love her look, our recreated outfit will give imitate her chic style for only $104.94. Style it with your favorite pair of statement earrings, and you’ll have successfully taken Clooney’s look for yourself.

Happy Shopping!

Hollaback! and ModCloth Team Up for Change

Clothing company ModCloth doesn’t just sell clothes to up your street style game, they’re also teaching us that women’s uninhibited street style is not the reason for verbal harassment and catcalling on the street.

The Huffington Post reports that in a new video created by ModCloth and anti-street harassment organization Hollback!, women stand alone before a camera to share that they “don’t dress for a guy,” and they ” don’t dress for a girl,” nor do they dress to please other passers-by. Instead, the eleven women in the video profess that they dress to please themselves, because “no one should ever censor their style to feel safe on the streets.”

The video also sheds light on some startling statistics, informing viewers that 70 to 90 percent of women internationally have experienced street harassment at some point in their lives, while “67 percent of US female college students have experienced harassment on their campus.” Because of such harassment, “66 percent of women change their style just to avoid being catcalled.”

As the video draws to a close, the women explain that “it is not [their] job to change … just to be treated with respect.”

Thank you, ModCloth and Hollaback!, for teaching us that women don’t need to compromise their style to receive the respect they deserve.

To watch the whole video, click here.

Take Her Look [For Less]

Amy Schumer has made quite the name for herself lately as one of the funniest performers in the world of comedy. But the comedienne and actress has also carved out a space in the public sphere as one of the most well-dressed stars to grace red carpet events.

While promoting her film Trainwreck in Switzerland at the International Film Festival in Locarno, The Daily Mail reports that Schumer worked the 68th annual festival’s photocall on August 8 in a red cap-sleeve dress, speckled with a dainty black and white dot print. While she swept her hair into a soft side braid, Schumer opted for something edgier at her feet, completing her look with fierce red cage heels.

While Schumer’s head-to-toe red ensemble proved to be an equal mix of sweet and sassy, we can’t help but focus more on the sassy part of her outfit — that is, her fiery red heels. The Daily Mail reports that Schumer’s sexy stilettos were the Suede Strappy Sandals by none other than Guiseppe Zanotti. Between their bright color and their sky-high heel, these heels are certainly eye-catching — and so is their $895 price tag! But you don’t have to shell out nearly $900 to achieve Schumer’s head-to-toe look, because we’ve found the perfect pieces to recreate her entire look for less.

To mimic the look of Schumer’s red, black and white printed frock, we found the Don’t Stop Retrievin’ Dress from ModCloth. This dress offers a similar cap-sleeve style while also defining the waist and maintaining a slim, body-skimming silhouette throughout the skirt. For only $35.99, this dress is the perfect piece to begin building our look for less.

The Don't Stop Retrievin' Dress, found on

The Don’t Stop Retrievin’ Dress, found on

Finding a shoe just as fierce as Schumer’s Guiseppe Zanotti heels was no easy task, but 6pm delivered an equally sexy style with their FunkFresh Red Suede Sandals by Nine West. With an across-the-foot criss-cross strap pattern, these cage heels mimic the lines of Schumer’s heels while offering an affordable price for fashionistas with budgets both big and small — originally $105, these heels are currently available for only $65.99.

The Nine West Funkfresh Red Suede Sandal, found on

The Nine West Funkfresh Red Suede Sandal, found on

If Amy Schumer’s red film festival ensemble has you scouring the Internet for pieces to recreate her look, consider your search complete. While Schumer’s Guiseppe Zanotti heels retail for $895, our dress and sandal combination totals a mere $101.98. Style your hair in a sideswept braid, and you’ll have effortlessly recreated Schumer’s film festival style for a fraction of the cost.

Style 101: Peter Pan Collar

If you’re looking for a feminine, dainty top to add to your wardrobe, tops with a peter pan collar may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

These sweet tops feature a rounded collar that lies flat against the chest, and while these collars are often done in plain fabric, they can also be done in a delicate lace or be embellished with beading.

peter pan collar

Tops with peter pan collars are an easy way to dress up even the most casual of outfits, pairing easily with everything from your favorite pair of jeans to your go-to work blazer.

So if you’re considering adding a peter pan collared top to your wardrobe, here are a few great pieces to get you started:

The Peter Pan Collar Lace Top from Forever 21 adds a little bit of modernity to the classic style, cut in a cropped box silhouette with a keyhole cutout in the back. Done in a contrasting black and white, this chic little number can be paired with pretty much everything, making it an easily affordable wardrobe staple for only $17.90.

The Peter Pan Collar Lace Top, found on

The Peter Pan Collar Lace Top, found on

If you’re looking for something with a little more pizazz, try the ELLE Embellished Collar Top from Kohl’s. This sweet tank features a black peter pan collar with the slightest bit of embellishment, adding some sparkle to the simple style. Pair this $27 top with your favorite skinny jeans and a bright pair of flats, and you’ll have a polished weekend look.

The ELLE Embellished Collar Top, found on

The ELLE Embellished Collar Top, found on

Peter pan collars always look a little more ladylike when done in a pretty crochet, and the Fetching Finesse Top from Modcloth is definitely a demure blouse. Done in a pretty pink, this top features crochet details not only on the blouse’s collar, but also on the shoulders. This flirty top would look just darling under a tailored work blazer or paired with a girly skater skirt, and it will only set you back $34.99.

The Fetching Finesse Top, found on

The Fetching Finesse Top, found on

So now that you know all about peter pan collars and have three great options to incorporate into your wardrobe, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out this sweet style.