Anita Ko upgrades online presence

Not all jewelry is created equal, and celebrity jeweler Anita Ko‘s designs certainly stand out among the rest. Now, the fine jewelry brand has a web presence to match.

InStyle sat down with the jewelry designer to learn more about the upgrade and what it could mean for future designs and collaborations. While Ko explains that she worked with a creative team that designed sites for the likes of Chanel and Dior, there were other behind-the-scenes upgrades made to enhance the customer experience, such as improving the ordering system and staff-to-client communication.

Also new to the site is the brand’s first celebrity-based campaign, says InStyle, which stars model and actress Amber Valletta. Explaining her decision to use the model for her latest campaign, Ko told InStyle that Valletta is “a legendary beauty” who “represents the modern woman I design for.”

But Ko’s relaunched website hasn’t shown all of its new features just yet; Ko explained to InStyle that while new (and amazing) jewelry is to be expected, “there are some really cool things that the photographer Ben Hassett came up with that have never been done on a jewelry site before.”

Check out the site here.