DuVernay and Jay-Z team up for empowering music video

Eight minutes was all it took for Jay-Z and director Ava DuVernay to make a huge statement.

In the rapper’s brand-new music video for his song “Family Feud,” Bustle says the creative duo “managed to bring together some of Hollywood’s most impressive women to represent the Founding Mothers” — an all-female version of America’s political decision makers — “and rewrite the Constitution.”

Set in the year 2050, Bustle says a portion of the video imagines a diverse group of women — portrayed by the likes of Rashida Jones, Mindy Kaling, Janet Mock, Niecy Nash, Rosario Dawson, Constance Wu and Brie Larson (among others) — who are holding the reigns of power on deciding issues like gun control and the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery). Serving as the president: a grown-up Blue Ivy, says Bustle, who is played by This is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson. Bustle sums up the power of the Founding Mothers in this way:

“It’s an empowering moment of feminism backed by a genius narrative, as the discussion goes on to summarize some of the ideologies which have been instilled in Blue Ivy as a young child. The segment features Watson explaining to the council that ‘America is a family and the whole family should be free.'”

Overall, the moment creates a powerful statement of female empowerment, women in leadership roles and the ethic of women in general.

Here’s hoping life imitates art and women hold more leadership position in real life, not just in a cool music video.