Soloway shreds gender expectations in MAKERS speech

Leave it to Transparent creator and writer Jill Soloway to take down gender expectations and tear them apart.

According to the Huffington Post, Soloway used her 14-minute speech at the MAKERS Conference on Tuesday, Feb. 7 to tell of her “own exploration of gender identity and presentation to make a powerful point about how gendered expectations can limit women in profound ways.”

Sharing that traditional representations and presentations of femininity were confining to her, HuffPost said Soloway offered that shedding those limitations made apparent how gender performances can limit women in general:

“Men get to be wholly unattracting, while still commanding lots of power, because in patriarchy, men see and women are looked at,” Soloway said. “And that subtle code also implies that the man does, the woman is done to. And when we continue to offer up these signals and symbols that say we like being looked at, are we consenting to being looked at? Are we consenting to granting men the privilege of enjoying being the lookers?”

While Soloway admits that she has not yet figured out just who she wants to be, HuffPost said she encouraged everyone to take ownership of their bodies and do what they need to in order to feel empowered.

“…For the coming resistance ― the revolution, the evolution ― we all get to be as comfortable and grounded as we can to do whatever it takes to see more, worry about how we look less, to emulate male privilege if we need to, so that we can march all day and scale walls all night.”

To watch her whole speech, click here.

Cooper and The Patriarchy

Every year, Barbara Walters films her ABC special, “10 Most Fascinating People,” which highlights the most popular (and sometimes controversial) figures of the concluding year.

This year, Walters profiled actor Bradley Cooper, known for his work in such movies as Silver Linings Playbook, in which he shared the screen with Jennifer Lawrence. According to The Huffington Post, Cooper discussed his Silver Linings Playbook and Joy co-star with Walters, specifically talking about her  op-ed on wage inequality.

In the interview, Cooper said that the patriarchal society in which we live is just part of a mammoth problem. “It’s symptomatic of a larger issue. And she was bold enough to come out, write an op-ed about it. I think probably other professions are much worse than our profession. But it’s rampant. And why not start a conversation?”

To watch the interview, click here.