Madam President

Girls can be successful athletes, talented filmmakers, skilled computer techs or even the president and vice president of the United States. That’s the message behind Barbie’s latest creation.

According to Women in the World, Mattel announced this week that they will begin offering a vice presidential Barbie in addition to their already-available presidential doll. While the presidential Barbie has been available since 1992, the new VP model allows girls to at the very least imagine an all-female president/vice president duo — and maybe even aspire to such a feat.

General Manager and Senior Vice President of Barbie for Mattel Lisa McKnight said that the doll not only allows girls to envision a career in politics for themselves, it also offers a window into the potential of our current presidential race.

“The President and Vice President dolls continue our efforts to expose girls to inspiring careers that are underrepresented by women,” McKnight said, according to Women in the World. “We see this doll set as a timely and topical platform to further the conversation around female leadership.”

On sale for $25, the vice presidential doll comes in a variety of hair colors, skin tones and face shapes, according to Women in the World, and is dressed in a skirt suit or a blouse and blazer. Already equipped with accessories like glasses, heels and pearls, Women in the World says the doll comes with one more thing: “a worksheet designed to inspire girls to consider politics as a career.”

Good work, Mattel.