Time’s Up hit major milestones in first month

The Time’s Up campaign has achieved quite a bit in its first month in action: from a wide-reaching social media movement to a “black-out” at the Golden Globes to a white-rose moment at the Grammys, Time’s Up is certainly making its presence known in all aspects of pop culture. But now, the movement has reached an important set of milestones in its first month — milestones that will help further its mission in the future.

According to Glamour, at a recent Time’s Up panel in Los Angeles, “Obama administration alum and lawyer Tina Tchen announced that the group had already raised $20 million, from about 20,000 donors across the country.” Additionally, Tchen announced that the campaign has also received 1,000 requests for help, says ELLE, with requests coming from people of all walks of life.

“The need is clearly there, from all industries—farm workers, hotel workers, steel workers,” Tchen said at the panel. “I had a steel worker from Indiana reach out to my office….Time’s Up has spoken to men and women who need help getting safety and equity in the workplace.”

In terms of getting that help to those who need it, Glamour reports that lawyer and one of the founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund Roberta Kaplan said the requests are siphoned through the National Women’s Law Center:

“They have a number of lawyers who volunteer to work on these cases,” she said, “And they’re matching up clients with potential lawyers. Obviously the clients have to decide for themselves whether they want Lawyer A or Lawyer B to represent them.” The calls for help keeping coming in, says Kaplan: “[We’re getting requests] from people similar to some of the ‘me too’ stuff in Hollywood that you’ve heard—maybe not so famous, but people who’ve had bad experiences with someone in the industry—to other industries. I just got an email this morning from a nurse in Louisiana.”

And that $20 million — Kaplan told Glamour that the sum is “not that much,” as it “won’t even meet the current demand” for help. But with the campaign in its infancy and a plan in place to leverage the public platform of Hollywood to gain more traction, the Time’s Up campaign is bound to keep growing.

Just take the Song Suffragettes, for example: formed in 2014 in response a concern that women were being excluded from record labels and radio stations, The Columbian reports that the group of Nashville-based female musicians crafted a song and music video about the movement, with earnings from the song being donated to the Legal Defense Fund.

And Times Up even found a home across the pond, with British natives of Hollywood’s elite — such as Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson and Daisy Ridley — are “in the process of forming their own version of the movement” in Britain, according to Variety, advocating for both equal pay and safer workplaces for women across all industries.

Looks like time has not run out for the Time’s Up movement — and it’s not running out any time soon.

To donate or request help, click here.

Stars support education for girls around the world

Countless girls may be one step closer to achieving an education thanks to the help of a celebrity-backed campaign.

According to Teen Vogue, 81 celebrities — including Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Danai Gurira and Rashida Jones — have “signed an open letter that is part of ONE‘s campaign to support education of girls all around the world.”

Called “Poverty is Sexist,” the organization’s campaign seeks to help the nearly 130 million girls who lack funds necessary to attain a proper education secure just that, says Teen Vogue; the open letter signed by some of Hollywood’s best and brightest will be sent to leaders around the world in the hopes that action will be taken to give all girls access to education.

“All children deserve a good education, but in the poorest countries girls are denied it more often than boys,” the open letter says, according to Teen Vogue. “Education is vital for moving out of poverty. Every additional year of school that a girl completes increases her future earnings, which is good for her family, her community and her country.”

To help girls get the education they deserve, add your name to the letter here.


Jones teams up with Iconery for new jewelry collection

Having jewelry that is both beautiful and built to last is a must; after all, if you’re going to invest in fine jewelry, you’ll want to wear it as much as possible. That’s why Rashida Jones teamed up with Iconery to create easy-to-wear jewelry that is sure to never lose its luster.

According to Vogue, the former Parks and Recreation actress launched her collaboration with  the fine jewelry line on Monday, Oct. 24, which features everything from rings and earrings, to dainty pendants and chains. While there are only 11 pieces so far in the collection, each piece employs a clean aesthetic that allows wearers to mix and match the different items to create a visually stimulating look.

Vogue reports that Jones “found inspiration for the assortment of coordinating earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in 14-karat yellow gold and the occasional black diamond in everything from the recent presidential debates and Frank Sinatra to ’90s street style.”

Speaking of a piece owned by her father Quincy Jones, she told Vogue that she was inspired by her father’s style when designing the Square Ring for the collection.

“He has a ring with a crest on it that Frank Sinatra gave him, which is the same shape as this,” Jones said, according to Vogue. “I’ve always loved a man’s pinky ring, so [the Square Ring] is a sleeker, feminine version of that.”

With prices ranging between $95 and $850, the line is certainly not cheap, but it’s definitely worth the investment. To check out the pieces, click here.


Take Her Look [For Less]

The Billboard and Jimmy Choo “Men of Style” party honors the most fashionable, trendsetting men in the music industry, celebrating the style of musicians including Nick Jonas, Mark Ronson and Leon Bridges. But the party held in Los Angeles on August 28 also featured some very fashionable ladies.

One of those fashionable ladies in attendance was Rashida Jones, who rocked printed shorts with a black button-down shirt and a black cardigan. Jones completed her look with black closed-toe ankle strap pumps and a simple clutch.

Jones’ effortless-chic look may have rivaled some of the male honorees in attendance, but her look comes at a hefty price. Her shoes alone, the Trinity 100 by Jimmy Choo, cost a lofty $895. But if you love Jones’ “Men of Style” ensemble, we’ve found all the pieces necessary to recreate her entire look for less. Read on for the results!

The first items on our shopping list were a black button-down shirt and black cardigan to imitate Jones’ set. We easily found the perfect options to recreate her look in the form of the Chaps No Iron Shirt from Kohl’s and the Classic V-Neck Cardigan from Forever 21. These classic pieces will be an asset to your wardrobe far beyond this look-alike ensemble, as they will easily pair with already-existing pieces in your wardrobe. And for only $39.99 and $8.90 respectively, these essentials won’t make a dent in your shopping budget.

The Chaps No Iron Shirt, found on Kohls.com.

The Chaps No Iron Shirt, found on Kohls.com.

The Classic V-Neck Cardigan, found on Forever21.com.

The Classic V-Neck Cardigan, found on Forever21.com.

Finding printed shorts to rival Rashida Jones’ pair was no easy task, but we finally landed on the Malibu Flutter Short by House of Harlow 1960. Featuring a similar floral print, these shorts will be the statement piece of your look-alike outfit. These shorts, available at Nordstrom Rack, will add visual interest to your look for a sale price of $8.47.

The House of Harlow 1960 Malibu Flutter Short, found on NordstromRack.com.

The House of Harlow 1960 Malibu Flutter Short, found on NordstromRack.com.

Our look for less wouldn’t be complete without a killer pair of pumps to match Jones’ Jimmy Choo style, and the Jessica Simpson Preya Two-Piece Ankle Strap Mesh Pumps from Macy’s do just that. These pumps feature a double ankle strap bound by mesh, creating the illusion of a thicker band to imitate Jone’s heels. These pumps will take your look to the next level for only $68.60.

The Jessica Simpson Preya Two-Piece Ankle Strap Mesh Pumps, found on Macys.com.

The Jessica Simpson Preya Two-Piece Ankle Strap Mesh Pumps, found on Macys.com.

Although Rashida Jones’ “Men of Style” look cost upwards of $895, you can recreate her entire look for less with these great pieces for only $125.96. Now you can look like a star without spending like a star!

Happy Shopping!

She Leads, You Follow: ‘Inside Out’ Premiere Edition

The purple carpet was rolled out on Monday in Los Angeles for the premiere of the “major emotion picture” Inside Out, a film about a little girl named Riley who has to learn to manage her emotions after her family moves to a new city, leaving her to start over at a new school and make new friends.

Although Inside Out has been a highly acclaimed film, perhaps more noteworthy was the fashion on yesterday’s purple carpet. Here are just a few of THL’s favorite looks from the ladies of Inside Out:

Amy Poehler wowed in an all-blue ensemble, with the electric blue of her shoes reminiscent of the blue of her character’s hair in the film. The long lines of her dress help to elongate her frame, and by keeping her shoe simpler, their bright color doesn’t take away from her dress. What is particularly great about Poehler’s outfit is that the different shades of blue really emphasize her blue eyes and intensify their color.

Mindy Kaling‘s all-black outfit was injected with a shot of color from her bright seafoam blue Jimmy Choo pumps. The overall silhouette and proportions of Kaling’s outfit are perfect: the way the straps of her crop top cut in give her a stronger shoulder and narrower waist, and her fuller skirt pulls away from her waist, making it even tinier. And the slight high-low hemline allows us to see her gorgeous pumps!

Rashida Jones seemed to have followed suit in an equally simple outfit, wearing a black top, a black and blue pleated skirt and  funky fringed heels. Keeping the rest of the pieces in her outfit rather subdued without a tone of embellishment or accessories allowed Jones to pull off a heavier, edgier shoe without looking overdone.

Poehler, Kaling and Jones may be styled for the red (or purple) carpet, but there are elements in their looks that can apply to styling ourselves everyday. Here’s what to remember:

  1. Use color to your advantage – Just as Amy Poehler used different shades of blue to emphasize her blue eyes, you also can use color to play up your best features. Just be sure to keep in mind your skin tone (for example, if you have olive skin, the base color in your skin is yellow, so you will want to wear colors that have more of a blue base, such as fuchsia, maroon, and jade green), and your eye color (you can take Poehler’s lead and wear blue to enhance your blue eyes).
  2. Crop tops and fuller skirts are always a good idea – If you love the crop top style but are hesitant to wear it, don’t be! Kaling’s crop top look is very accessible and easy to replicate on your own: pick a more fitted crop top that stops at your natural waist. Then, pick a fuller skirt that rests right in your natural waistline; when paired with the fitted crop top, it will give you a little peek of skin without being too revealing, and it will also make your waist look tiny!
  3. Make a statement with a statement shoe – We so often hear about statement jewelry, but we never really hear about statement shoes. Rashida Jones’ shoes are the perfect example of a statement shoe, and she wore them in such a way that allowed them to really be the star of her outfit. If you are going to go for a stronger shoe, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories fairly simple to let your shoes be the star of the show.