Girls Who Code founder delivers advice in Harvard speech

Raising strong, determined girls certainly takes work, but luckily, Reshma Saujani has the perfect advice for making that a reality.

According to Bustle, the Girls Who Code founder spoke at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s convocation and shared what she thinks it takes to raise strong and successful women.

“Success is a product of bravery, not perfection,” Saujani asserted, Bustle reports.

Explaining that there are differences in the ways girls and boys are brought up, Bustle says Saujani offered that “we train our boys to be brave, to throw caution to the wind, and follow their passions,” while we “train our girls to be perfect, to please, and play it safe, to follow the rules, and to always get straight As. The result? Girls are kicking butt in the classroom, but falling behind in the real world.”

Saujani shared her own story as proof, recounting her three applications to Yale Law School, says Bustle — a time when she constantly sought to perfect her resume instead of pursuing things that would make a difference, such as running for office or starting her nonprofit. It was bravery, she told the crowd, not perfection that “was the key that has unlocked every door that I have walked through since.”

Concluding her speech with a bit of advice, Bustle said Saujani cautioned the audience by saying, “Don’t let our girls play it safe. Don’t let them limit themselves to the thing they think they’re best at, or the thing they think they should do. Push them to be brave. Push them to take risks. Reward them for trying.”

Watch Saujani’s inspirational speech here.