Take Her Look [For Less]+

Something as a simple as a black dress can look just as stunning as the fanciest couture gown, and Angelina Jolie showed us how it’s done when she walked the red carpet of the Kung Fu Panda premiere in Los Angeles on Jan. 16.

Taking to the red carpet with five of her six children, Jolie turned heads in what InStyle says is a black Saint Laurent shift dress with cap sleeves, which she paired with minimal jewelry and black pointed-toe pumps.

If this is the little black dress that you’re wardrobe has been missing, you may want to hold off on purchasing the frock until you learn its price. Jolie’s Saint Laurent tube dress is available from YSL for a lofty $1,490. But before you think that all hope’s lost in owning your dream LBD, we’ve found all the pieces necessary to recreate her entire look for under $200. Read on for the results!

Black dresses are always in high demand, so finding the perfect shift dress for our recreated look was a cinch. The Have a Good One Black Shift Dress from Lulu’s not only mimics the silhouette of Jolie’s Saint Laurent number, it also comes with an added bonus: slit pockets at the hip! What’s more is that this dress will give you Jolie’s exact look for only $59.


The Have a Good One Black Shift Dress, found on Lulus.com.

If you’re looking for the perfect LBD in extended sizes, we’ve found another great alternative in the form of the Strappy Shift Dress from Charlotte Russe. Although this frock has some extra detail at the shoulder, it only makes the look that much more chic. This dress will not only make a great way to take Jolie’s look for less, it will also make a great wardrobe staple for only $23.99.


The Strappy Shift Dress, found on CharlotteRusse.com.

Capping off our head-to-toe look is the Journee Collection Yoko Pump from DSW. Featuring a similar pointed-toe silhouette and leather upper, this heel will be your wardrobe’s utility player for years to come, and it’s available for only $39.95.

journee yoko

The Journee Collection Yoko Pump, found on DSW.com.

If Jolie’s Saint Laurent shift dress was calling your name but it’s$1,490 price tag was waving goodbye, we were able to recreate her entire look for $98.95 and $63.94 for extended sizes. Just add some dainty jewelry, and you’ll have Jolie’s look in no time!

Happy Shopping!

Take Her Look [For Less]

If you thought monochromatic was boring, Selena Gomez just proved you wrong. EOnline reported yesterday that Gomez was spotted in New York City earlier this week wearing an all black and white ensemble upon the release of her latest single, “Good For You,” and she showed us all that black and white is certainly good for her!

Gomez wore a black and white Balmain crop top (which she actually wore backwards so the zipper detail was in the front), pairing the top with high-waisted L’Agence trousers, Saint Laurent pointy-toe booties, a Gucci crossbody bag and Saint Laurent sunglasses.

While Gomez looks stunning in this outfit, what is perhaps most stunning is how much this complete outfit costs. EOnline reports that the completed look totaled $3,311, with her shoes alone making up a third of the price at $1,050! But, if you want to take Gomez’s look for less, you are in luck – we set out to recreate her entire look for only $150, and what we found may shock you!

The first order of business was finding a black and white crop top that was even remotely close to Gomez’s $611 Balmain top, which was no easy task. But, we managed to find a similar color-blocked style at Tobi — the Cross it Over Crop Top offers a black and white colorblock look with a high neckline reminiscent of Gomez’s Balmain look, but it has some cutouts that Gomez’s top does not have. What this top also has that Gomez’ top doesn’t is a small price tag: this top comes in at a reasonable $44!

Finding high-waisted black trousers sounds like it should be easy, but it actually was the hardest part of the process. After some searching, THL finally landed on the Trouser We Go Black High-Waisted Pants from Lulu’s. Although this trousers have the same high-waistline, they do not have the same wide-leg look, but it still creates a chic look nonetheless. These fitted trousers come in at $37, compared to Gomez’s $295 pair.

Because Gomez’s $1,050 Saint Laurent booties were completely covered by her trousers, we decided to go for a simple pointy-toe pump instead. We found these classic faux leather pointy-toe pumps from Forever 21 for only $19.90 to mimic the shape of Gomez’s booties without actually seeing the rest of the shoe.

Gomez’s logo-embossed $980 Gucci crossbody bag certainly cannot be duplicated, so we opted for a simple brown faux leather crossbody with a knotted detail on the front flap. This bag has a similar rich cognac tone to Gomez’s Gucci bag, but it definitely does not have the same price tag, coming it at only $22.90 at Forever 21.

Dark-tinted aviators complete the duplicate look for only $5.90 at Forever 21 — who could tell that these sunglasses aren’t the same $375 Saint Laurent glasses that Gomez is wearing?!

THL set out to recreate Selena Gomez’s $3,311 monochromatic look for less than $150, so how did we do? Our pieces from Tobi, Lulu’s and Forever 21 totaled only $129.70, affording this pricey look to all those who admire it! So if you love Gomez’s look but couldn’t get past the price, take our lead and try out some of our recommendations! Happy shopping!