ICYMI: Woman body-slams man who groped her

It was the video seen ’round the world.

21-year-old Emelia Holden was working at pizza restaurant Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, Ga., when ELLE says the server was groped by customer Ryan Cherwinski. Grabbing her backside in an overt manner, ELLE reports what happened next is what earned Holden the praise and support of many a viewer: she “grabs him by the shirt collar and slams him into a nearby counter.”

All caught on the restaurant’s security camera, ELLE said Holden at first thought it was one of her friends pulling the move, but “his hand went further than it should have so I was thinking, ‘There’s no way a stranger just did that.'”

Not only did she defend herself, ELLE reports she also called the police.

“The guy claimed that he was just trying to push me out of the way and, ‘Oh, I barely touched you,'” she told People. “Once the police saw the video, they immediately arrested him. There was no doubt that he did it.”

Cherwinski was charged with sexual battery, and Holden…well, she holds a special place in our hearts.

Gomez gives body-positive response following IG comments

Can’t a girl just go on vacation with her friends? While that could have been the response Selena Gomez left for body shamers on her Instagram, she instead chose to make it a teachable moment.

According to Marie Claire, when the multi-hyphenate started posting some bikini-clad photos from a recent vacation — some of which revealed scars from her recent kidney transplant surgery — some followers saw it as an opportunity to comment on her physique. However, Gomez didn’t let the comments get to her; instead, Marie Claire said she posted a moving response focused on self care:

“The beauty myth-an obsession with physical perfection that traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society’s impossible definition of flawless beauty. I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone.
Wind in her sails. 🌈💜”

And with this one post, Gomez instantly pointed out — and destroyed — the confines within which women everywhere are placed.

BABOR to partner with All Woman Project

Luxury skincare brand BABOR is bringing its products and penchant for high-quality beauty products to North America in a brand-new collaboration with the All Woman Project.

According to a release, the brand’s collaboration with the body-positivity non-profit All Woman Project will be a two-pronged endeavor, featuring both a “limited-edition AWPxBABOR Beauty Ampoule Set, along with a creative awareness campaign.”

The beauty set will feature seven “beauty boosters”: four Hydra Plus Active Fluid Ampoules and three Active Night Fluid Ampoules that aim to “empower women at any age to have their best skin.” BABOR says that 50 percent of the sales from these kits will be donated to AWP to help them continue their mission of empowering women of all ages. But beyond featuring and selling these products, the campaign also seeks to show beauty in all of its forms.

Discussing the creative side of their campaign with AWP, Benjamin Simpson, SVP of Marketing at BABOR, said in a release that the visuals for their partnership will feature “a diverse group of inspiring women, including models, activists, mothers, designers, editors, and more” who “showcase a diverse range of beauty that is not retouched or Photoshopped.”

Included in this lineup of models for the campaign are AWP co-founders and models Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux, as well as model Denise Bidot and creative director at Anne Klein Sharon Lombardo. With these women and more starring in the unretouched campaign, Simpson said he foresees the partnership playing an important role in continuing break open narrow definitions of beauty in the fashion industry and beyond.

“This campaign utilizes beautiful visuals that capture empowerment, strength, inclusivity, imperfections, and true beauty, while provoking an important conversation that is at the forefront not just of the beauty and fashion world, but within every part of a woman’s life today.”

As for the limited-edition beauty sets, they retail for $40 and are available exclusively at www.AWPxBABOR.com.

Machado minimizes Instagram trolls

Leave it to former Miss Universe Alicia Machado to teach us all how to deflect negative comments from online trolls.

According to Glamour, after the TV personality posted a photo to Instagram of herself at the Premios Tu Mundo award show, some naysayers decided to interrupt a string of positive comments left on her photo with nasty remarks aimed at her weight. Writing things such as “the extra pounds are noticeable” and “you’re overweight in my opinion,” Glamour says Machado deftly deflected the negativity in a single sentence.

“Yes, and I still have another five pounds more to gain to appear even fatter for the next character that I will be playing,” she fired back.

This isn’t the first time that Machado was subject to body shaming comments, with Glamour reminding us of her role in the 2016 presidential election, when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton defended her against then-candidate Donald Trump, who body-shamed her after she won his 1996 Miss Universe Pageant and continued to comment of her weight thereafter.

But clearly, Machado can hold her own — all while teaching us something about owning our own bodies in the process.


Dobrev discusses beauty standards in new interview

Flawlessness doesn’t exist — not in movies, television or social media. And sometimes, it takes a movie start to remind us just that.

According to Glamour, Nina Dobrev took a moment in her latest interview for Ocean Drive magazine to discuss the unrealistic beauty standards that pervade our lives, standards that are exaggerated and exacerbated by tools like Photoshop that hide every blemish and make perfection seem within reach.

“Now we have apps that can Photoshop anything and everything, which puts out an image that’s not realistic,” she said. “Young girls see this image and think that’s what they should be and that’s how they should wake up.”

But for Dobrev, life for anyone is far from perfect; in fact, Glamour says the Vampire Diaries actor admitted that even a star like her gets zits — and that’s A-OK.

“I get pimples and zits all the time and I deal with them just like anybody else, with zit cream,” she sad in the interview. “Sometimes I walk out of the house with the zit cream and forget about it. And that’s just life, it’s unpredictable and awkward and we all feel insecure all the time but that’s completely normal and okay, and everybody has good days and bad days. It’s especially important now to show young girls that and to make them aware that they are perfect exactly the way they are.”

Well said, Nina. Be sure to check out her interview and cover spot on the September 2017 issue of Ocean Drive magazine.

Instagrammer reveals reality behind photos

In the midst of an infinite scroll of perfected photos and flawless looks lies one image that perfectly sums up all the reasons why self-esteem should not be based on what you see on Instagram.

According to Glamour, body-positivity advocate Milly Smith shared her own side-by-side photo on Instagram in which she wears a bra and black, shape-accentuating tights in one photo while in the other, she wears only her bra and panties. Her motive? To “warn her followers against obsessing too much over the seemingly perfect lives being lived in their newsfeeds,” reports Glamour.

Noting that the photos were taken on the same day and at the same time of day, Glamour says Smith wrote in her caption that playing with things as simple as camera angle and her clothing can make her body seem to fit a more “acceptable” image of beauty.

“The media constantly wants us to be more filtered, more posed, more flexed,” she wrote, “making us ashamed, afraid and resentful of our bodies, our natural vessel.”

But according to Smith, the real damage occurs when we compare ourselves to others.

“We compare ourselves to these images of posed, strategically taken photos. Comparing yourself is a thief of your joy/self love and even more so when you’re comparing aesthetics to images that aren’t reality.”

Closing by sharing that both of her photos are beautiful, Glamour says Smith not only asserted that loving herself is most important, she also urged her followers to rid themselves of anything or anyone that makes them feel less than beautiful.

“Get rid of accounts that make you feel negative, get rid of people in your life that don’t make you feel happy, loved and beautiful,” she said. “Don’t let an all [sic] ruin your life.”

Amen to that. Be sure to follow Smith here.



Inscribed With Love

Standing in the middle of market wearing nothing but a blindfold and a bikini sounds like the stuff of every woman’s worst nightmare. But in reality, it proved to be quite the opposite for one Idaho woman.

Inspired by a project from an Australian group known as The Liberators International, Buzzfeed reports that Idaho-native Amy Pence-Brown decided to bare it all for the sake of self-love. Pence-Brown, the founder of the Boise Rad Fat Collective, a group she describes as “socially engaged Idahoans of all shapes and sizes who are fed up with mainstream media and society telling us what a valuable body should do\be\act\look like,” decided to stand in the middle of a market in Boise in a bathing suit and a blindfold, asking passersby to draw a heart on her body to promote self-love.

Within a few minutes, Buzzfeed says that people began to stop by Pence-Brown and participate by drawing hearts and even writing kind messages on her body. Some even gave her hugs and kisses while “thanking her for her fearlessness and strength.”

Pence-Brown told of the experience on her blog, saying “I was scared that I might get asked to leave by the police or that people would yell terrible things at me or that no one would draw a heart on my body and I’d stand there alone and crying for minutes that felt like hours. Well, none of that came true. Except for the crying part.”

Pence-Brown shared the aim of her experiment with Buzzfeed, explaining that she hoped to inspire people make peace with their bodies, something she said she learned to do years ago.

On her own blog, she discussed the potential of learning to love ourselves, saying, “We can’t truly love one another until we fully love ourselves. And once we do, I guarantee, that together we can move mountains.”

Thank you, Amy Pence-Brown, for so boldly and fearlessly teaching us to love ourselves and be at peace with who we are. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

To watch the video and read more about her experience, click here.