Douglas becomes a ‘shero’

Gabby Douglas has made two Olympic appearances, won several gold medals and sits atop the world of gymnastics as one of the most celebrated athletes to come out of the sport. But of all of these accomplishments comes one that is all about inspiring young children to follow in her footsteps.

According to HuffPost, Douglas has officially joined Barbie’s “Shero” line with a doll of her own. The line, which “features other badass women like director Ava DuVernay, actress Emmy Rossum and ballerina Misty Copeland,” aims to depict different kinds of female heroes, says HuffPost.

Accompanying her doll is a description of why Douglas was chosen for the line, citing her “confidence, work ethic and belief in herself” as reasons why she is “an extraordinary role model to girls.”

“The Gabby Douglas Barbie® doll celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of this inspiring athlete and earns her role as a Barbie® ‘Shero’ honoree, a female hero inspiring girls by breaking boundaries and expanding possibilities for women everywhere.”

For Douglas, the doll is not only inspiring young boys and girls to pursue their dreams, it’s also about quashing limitations placed on us by society based on how we look.

“It’s so important in the African American community to have that doll that looks like you,” she told HuffPost. “For me that’s really big because it sends a positive message saying, you know what you can go out there and achieve your goals no matter what your hair looks like, no matter what color your skin is.”

The doll, which is currently on sale, retails for $24.95.



A gymnastics ‘shero’

A trip to Rio and being dubbed a ‘shero’ all in a matter of days — such is the life of gymnast Gabby Douglas.

According to ESPNW, the reigning all-around champion not only secured a place on the U.S. Olympic team on Sunday, July 10, she also announced her new Barbie doll the following day. The Huffington Post says Douglas took to Twitter on Monday morning to announce the news this way: “Excited to debut my @Barbie Shero doll! Let’s continue to break barriers & dream big, girls!”

The doll is part of Barbie’s recently unveiled ‘Shero’ line, which includes other inspirational women like Ava DuVernay, Misty Copeland and Emmy Rossum, says the Huffington Post.

To say that Douglas is excited to be included in the company’s ‘shero’ doll line is an understatement — in fact, the Huffington Post says Douglas told Mattel that the whole thing leaves her “speechless.”

“I never would’ve thought in a million years that I would be in this spot,” she said in a video promoting the doll on Barbie’s Twitter. “Everyone sees me as a role model and it’s just fantastic.”

Douglas also offered some advice on learning to love yourself in the video, says the Huffington Post.

“Just be you and love yourself and embrace yourself and just really go after what you want,” she said.

Spoken like a true shero. To see pictures of Douglas and her new shero doll, click here.