Goldberg gives golden advice to Haddish before SNL debut

Whoopi Goldberg is known for her one-of-a-kind humor, genius wit and unmatched snark, so when she was contacted by fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish for advice prior to her “Saturday Night Live” debut, Goldberg didn’t disappoint in delivering some golden advice.

According to HuffPost, when Haddish sat down with the New York Times to discuss her successful year, which included her role in the hit film “Girls Trip,” her stint hosting SNL — and being the first black female comic to do so — came up. In prepping for the show, HuffPost says Haddish found that Goldberg had appeared on the show, so she decided to give the veteran comic a call for some pre-show advice.

“I said, ‘Have you ever done ‘SNL’?’ Haddish asked Goldberg. “She said, ‘Only a sketch.’ I said, ‘You never hosted?’ And she said, ‘You the first, bitch, you better do a good job.'”

And a good job she did!

SNL Stands in Solidarity

Saturday Night Live is known for its side-splitting comedy sketches that offer a humorous look at the newsmakers and pop-culture items of the week. But on Saturday, Nov. 14, SNL took a break from their usual format and opened their show on a somber note, recognizing the tragedy that recently struck Paris, France.

According to Yahoo, the sketch show traded in their typical cold open for a more serious, yet heartfelt message to the people of Paris. After multiple shootings and explosions on Nov. 13 that killed at least 129 people, SNL cast member Cecily Strong was visibly emotional as she stood motionless on a silent stage and said, “Paris is the City of Light, and here in New York City, we know that light will never go out. Our love and support is with everyone there tonight. We stand with you.”

After a brief pause, Strong proceeded to deliver the same message in perfect French, before “solemnly delivering the show’s signature pre-opening-credits catchphrase, ‘And now, live from New York, it’s Saturday night.'”

Je suis Paris. Nous prions pour vous.