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It’s Wednesday, the days are getting warmer and brighter and our minds are on anything but our daily grind. So if you find your mind wandering in the middle of your work day or find a few minutes to unwind, there’s always something interesting to read online. Here are just a few of our favorites:

“A Culture of Extraordinary” by Stacy London

In this 2014 piece, the former What Not to Wear host not only offers a glimpse of life beyond the small screen, but also an honest assessment of the changing media landscape that is dominated by social media celebrities and so-called “online experts.” Calling our social media profiles our attempts at constant personal branding, London says we “don’t just have to be the woman who does everything; you now have to SHOW that you are (EVEN IF YOU AREN’T.)” While it’s already three years old, the piece has just as much relevance then as it does today.

Read it here.

Body Positivity Month at Outspeak

This digital opinion outlet is taking on body positivity all month long, “celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes, and exploring our complicated relationships with them.” As part of the project, Outspeak is requesting video submissions that address themes ranging from illness and disability to eating disorders to media representations of bodies. If you want to submit a video, click here for submission guidelines — or if you just want to follow along, the result is sure to be a fascinating work that is both expository and enlightening.

‘Fast Fashion’ advice from The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan

Perfect for new college graduates — and anyone who needs a refresher course — this article presents the pitfalls of falling for fast fashion (read: cheap, trendy clothing) while offering the benefits of investing in higher-priced, yet more quality items that will stand the test of time. Also discussing tailoring as surefire way to make an outfit look much more polished, Givhan’s piece makes abundantly clear that style is a function of quality and fit.

Read it here.

Whether your week is brimming with activity or slowing to a crawl, take a time out with THL to clear your head and get inspired.

London to revamp Meijer apparel

From What Not to Wear to Love, Lust or Run, Stacy London has been by our side, helping both show participants and at-home viewers alike figure out how to dress their best and create a style all their own. Now, the style expert is bringing her fashion finesse to a new role with Meijer.

On Jan. 25, Michican-based retailer Meijer announced that London will be partnering with the company to revamp their women’s clothing line, Massini. A news release from Meijer says that London “will serve as a style consultant to help the Meijer Style team continue its focus to evolve the Massini line with affordable trends for everyday wear.”

First created as a sportswear line for men and boys in 1986, Massini grew to include “lipstick, nail polish, and fashion accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry and watches” by the mid-2000s, says the release, with London serving to usher in Massini’s next evolution, which will include women’s apparel.

Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing for Meijer Peter Whitsett shared in the release that the retailer is excited to work with London because of her dedication to help women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

“We feel Stacy’s philosophy compliments the fundamental inspiration behind Massini,” Whitsett said.

But for London, it’s all about making sure the clothes pose no limitations for women looking to enhance their style.

“I am excited to work with the Massini line because the designs inspire women to create a look all of their own,” London said in the release. “There’s a common misbelief that trends only look good on a specific body type or are limited to youth. This is not true. There are no limits. You can wear a trend regardless of your age or body type. I love helping women connect the dots.”

We can’t wait to see what London does in her new role.


GLAM4GOOD provides for those in need

While fashion’s primary purpose is to help women feel stylish and beautiful, it had a dual-purpose on Saturday, Nov. 19 when when GLAM4GOOD hosted its BKLYN BUNDLE UP event.

According to the New York Daily News, fashion and charity combined when GLAM4GOOD gave almost 350 women-in-need a “shopping spree for free,” allowing them to choose a warm, yet fashionable winter coat to get them through the winter in style. Staged as a party of sorts, GLAM4GOOD founder Mary Alice Stephenson told the Daily News that the event is about “honoring courage, empowering self-esteem and helping people in need,” but without making women and girls in need “feel like a charity case.”

Taking place at Downtown Brooklyn’s new City Point venue, the Daily News says the BKLYN BUNDLE UP featured a DJ, fresh-baked donuts from Sweet Dreams Bakers and coats from over 50 designers and companies who donated their goods to the cause.

Perhaps board member of GLAM4GOOD and former host of TLC’s What Not to Wear Stacy London captured the essence of the effort best when she explained it to the Daily News this way:

“We try to give back. Glamor is about self-esteem, self-worth, and how you carry yourself in the world.”

To learn more about GLAM4GOOD, click here.

London’s Labor of ‘Love’

Stacy London spent 10 seasons on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” helping women to dress their best and learn to love themselves. And in her latest series, “Love, Lust Or Run,” London continues to do just that.

In a recent interview with Metro US, London explained that her series, now in its third season, doesn’t aim to “makeover” or “makeunder” its contributors, but rather aims to help them understand and convey accurate messages of who they are through their clothing.

“You have to be self aware,” she explained. “You can’t be in the body you once were. You can’t be in the body you wish you were in the future. You have to be in the present body. That is the key to having great style.”

London said that to achieve this kind of self-awareness, it is necessary to get in touch with your body, flaws and all.

“You’ve got to spend time with your body. That means spending a lot of time in front of a mirror naked,” she offered. “Sit in front of a mirror until all of that emotion burns away and you are able to look at yourself objectively and say, ‘Alright, I get it. I have emotions about my body. I hate my ass. I love my boobs.’”

From here, London suggested constructing a plan for dressing your shape as it is. However, she warned against hiding in clothing that can detract from your natural beauty. “You’re perfect. You are a unique set of atoms and that is nothing to be ashamed of. I want to take shame out of the equation and I want people to accept that they’re not all going to look like Gisele [Bündchen].”

After being on television for over a decade, London knows a thing or two about the power of style shows — after all, she’s been at the helm of two successful series in the genre.

“When people relate to what they see, whether it’s a woman being vulnerable or confessing she really doesn’t know what she’s doing, it spreads a message of hope. If transformation for them is possible, it’s possible for anybody.”

Thank you, Stacy London, for being our mentor, stylist and friend all these years.


Season three of Love, Lust or Run is now airing on TLC on Fridays at 10 p.m.

Nicole’s Favorites: Summer Reading Edition

Have you every read a book where, once you’ve finished it, you feel like you’ve just left a conversation with a good friend?

This is exactly how I felt upon completing The Mindy Project star Mindy Kaling’s first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). A compilation of essays about her childhood years, her friendships past and present and her rise to stardom (among other things), it felt like when I sat down to read the book, I was also sitting down for a long chat with Kaling.

Reading this funny, honest and relatable text felt as if I had asked Kaling only three questions — ‘What was your childhood like?’ ‘How did you get to your current career status? and ‘Tell me your thoughts on anything you’d like.’ — and what poured forth was the transcript from our conversation. I tried my best to read it as slowly as possible, attempting to savor every word, but her stories kept me wanting more, leaving me no choice but to plow through the text in a few short days. My only solace is that her next book, Why Not Me?, will be released in September.

But after I finally finished the book, it got me thinking. Since it felt like I had just sat down to talk with Kaling for a few days, I started to think of all the people I would love to sit down and talk with — I guess when you’re studying to be a journalist, your idea of a good time is making list of all the people you’d want to interview in your career!

So I decided to sit down and craft a list of all the successful women I look up to that I’d want to interview in my lifetime, which turned out to be a much longer list than I anticipated! It had everyone from chefs like Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli to journalists like Tamron Hall and Katie Couric. Of course, I can’t forget about the successful guys of the world who have influenced me, so they occupied a separate list, which was topped by people like Tim Gunn, Clinton Kelly and Steve Harvey.

But instead of just reprinting my long lists here for you to read, I thought it would be fun to create a top five list (*spoiler alert: there are really six on the list, since there’s a tie!*) of the people I’d most want to interview. Although compiling this list was difficult since there are so many people I’d love to get the chance to talk with, I narrowed it down to these specific people based on how much I relate to them and their stories, as well as how much I look up to them and admire their work. So, without further ado, the list of people I’d most want to interview:

5. Barbara Walters – To me, Barbara Walters is the definition of a world-class journalist. She was never afraid to ask difficult questions, and she did so with the utmost poise and respect. What’s more is that Walters has pretty much interviewed every politician, musician and general newsmaker known to man. She is, essentially, the human embodiment of the type of career every aspiring journalist dreams about; she is proof that it is possible to be both a bold and beloved journalist.

4. Wendy Williams – As the host of her own daily talk show, Wendy Williams has the gift of delivering daily pop culture headlines to her audience with a humor and honesty that is unmatched. Her easy, conversational tone with her audience (a.k.a her “co-hosts”) makes every show seem like you’re sitting down for your morning coffee with your best girlfriend, earning her the status of one of TV’s most beloved talk show hosts.

3. Oprah – Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of an inspirational woman. She not only has had a long career as talk show host, she also ventured off to spearhead her own television network. She has overcome many hardships to get to her current position in life, and to me, she is living proof that anything is possible not only if you believe in yourself, but also if you are willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.

2. Arianna Huffington – Arianna Huffington is the reason why I started my own website; seeing her success inspired me to take a chance on doing what I love. Seeing the growth of The Huffington Post, along with the growth of Huffington’s own career, fuels me each and every day to become the best journalist I possibly can be.

Now, here’s where things get interesting — there is absolutely no way I can decide who is the number one person I would give anything to interview, so I have to declare a tie. So, in no particular order, here are the number one people I would love to interview:

Mindy Kaling – Kaling is not only the star of her own show, but she also created the show and serves as a writer and producer for the show. And what astounds me is that she reached her current status by creating her own opportunities — she wrote a play with her best friend (Matt & Ben) that drew attention to her talents, and the rest, as they say, is history. To me, Kaling is a master of harnessing own destiny in order to create the life she desires — and there’s nothing more inspirational than that.

Stacy London – I have admired Stacy London since I was a poorly dressed, fashion-illiterate 12 year old, and she inspired me to take ownership of my style and create an accurate outward projection of my inner self (to read more about my style journey, check out my post on Medium). Since then, London has continued to be a significant influence in my life, showing me that it is possible to make a career out of doing what you love. She has carved out a space in the fashion world as the stylist with a big heart, teaching women (and men) to love themselves for who they are.

So there you have it — the top *six* people I would love to interview most. Although I have yet to officially begin a career in journalism, I can only hope that my career will be graced by interviews with these lovely ladies, as well as all the others on my long lists.

That’s all for now!




If you are looking for some sparkly, colorful rings to accessorize that new outfit you bought, look no further than Stacy London‘s Instagram. On Thursday, the “Love, Lust or Run” host took to Instagram to show off her latest jewelry acquisition: three Kendra Scott rings, one in pink, one in a sparkly gold drusy and one in black.

Photo credit Instagram / @stacylondonreal

Instagram / @stacylondonreal

This gorgeous rings are available in different sets on KendraScott.com, and with most sets priced between $55 and $70, they are a great way to add a little bit of pizazz to any outfit without breaking the bank.

So if you love London’s new hand candy, head on over to Kendra Scott to pick up a set of these beautiful rings to add to your own jewelry collection!

Take Her Look [For Less]

In preparation for an all-new episode “Love, Lust, or Run” airing tomorrow night on TLC, THL has yet another way to imitate host Stacy London’s style, because let’s face it — who doesn’t lust after London’s style?

On Tuesday, London took to Instagram to share a photo of herself drinking her morning coffee in style (of course!), wearing two Tuleste Channel rings. These gunmetal and silver bands are currently unavailable on the Tuleste website, but their all-gold and two-toned counterparts are available for $95.

Screenshot of Stacy London's Instagram, wearing Tuleste Channel rings.

Screenshot of Stacy London’s Instagram, wearing Tuleste Channel rings.

Although $95 isn’t terrible for a set of two rings, THL knows that the look can always be found for less! We found a strikingly similar ring from BaubleBar for only $28 – the BaubleBar Cigar band mimics the shape and brushed finish of London’s Tuleste bands for a about a third of the price. The cigar band comes in silver, gold and rose gold tones.

Screenshot of the BaubleBar Cigar Band.

Screenshot of the BaubleBar Cigar Band, available for $28 at BaubleBar.com

If you would rather have a midi ring and band set like the Tuleste duo, BaubleBar offers an all-gold midi and band set that could pass for London’s rings. The Aristocrat Ring Set delivers a double-row midi ring paired with a thick band that features two little buttons, adding a little bit of hardware to the otherwise simple set. The price makes this set go from good to great – it’s only $34!

Screenshot of the BaubleBar Aristocrat Ring Set, available at BaubleBar.com for $34.

Screenshot of the BaubleBar Aristocrat Ring Set, available at BaubleBar.com for $34.

Now that you have two great alternatives to London’s gorgeous Tuleste rings, you have no reason not to take London’s look for less!

Take Her Look [For Less]

The start of summer often comes with an all-new TV lineup, and last night, TLC debuted its “TLC Summer Friday” shows. The first of the three shows in the lineup was one of THL’s favorites, Stacy London’s “Love, Lust, or Run.”

While it is fun to watch a ‘style caterpillar’ turn into a chic, fashionable butterfly, what is perhaps the best part about the show is London’s killer style; it’s hard not to drool over her clothing, her accessories and especially her shoes! “Love, Lust, or Run,” now in its second season, has added a new feature to their website in which viewers can find the exact pieces that both London and her contributors wear on the show. This feature, which works with Stylinity, a quasi-social networking site finds the exact articles of clothing and accessories worn in photos, allowing viewers to shop the look instantaneously — a perfect tool when you want to shop one of London’s to-die-for ensembles!

The new Stylinity feature helped us find the beautiful lace pumps London wore last night, which we had our eyes on from the first five minutes of the show! London was wearing gorgeous Manolo Blahnik BB Lace and Satin Pumps, available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $695.

Screenshot of Stacy London's Instagram post on TLC's Instagram account. Stacy London wearing lace Manolo Blahnik pumps on the set of "Love, Lust, or Run."

Screenshot of Stacy London’s Instagram post on TLC’s Instagram account. Stacy London wearing lace Manolo Blahnik pumps on the set of “Love, Lust, or Run.”

Stacy, we love your Manolos, but $695 isn’t in the budget for us! But, we found similar pumps by ShoeMint that will allow us and all of your other faithful followers to mimic your style! The ShoeMint Classic Women’s Lace Dress High Heel offers a very similar look to London’s Manolos, imitating their pointy-toe style as well as their see-through lace. However, these pumps are available at Kohls.com for only $54.99!

Screenshot of the ShoeMint  Classic Women's Lace Heels  found on Kohls.com.

Screenshot of the ShoeMint Classic Women’s Lace Dress High Heel found on Kohls.com.

So if you ‘love’ Stacy London and ‘lust’ after her style, you will want to ‘run’ right over to Kohls.com to snatch this gorgeous lace pump so you too can be styled to perfection!

Take Her Look [For Less]

TLC’s Stacy London (first of “What Not to Wear” and now “Love, Lust, or Run”) has an Instagram full on enviable jewelry and covetable fashion. So naturally, in scrolling through her posts, we want everything! But affording the style maven’s wardrobe and accessories may not always be within reach, so a look-alike will have to do [sometimes]!

According to the fashion guru’s Instagram post on May 27, she received a gorgeous Paula Mendoza choker necklace for her birthday that appears to be adorned in turquoise and silver beads. Although the exact choker is no longer available online, similar styles retail for around $650.

Screenshot of Stacy London's May 27 Instagram post featuring a Paula Mendoza choker.

Screenshot of Stacy London’s May 27 Instagram post featuring a Paula Mendoza choker.

If this gorgeous, but pricey choker isn’t exactly in your price range, our friends at BaubleBar.com have a ton of choker and collar necklace options that mimic the overall shape of this stunner, but at a fraction of the cost.

BaubleBar’s Medusa Pearl Collar Necklace imitates the curves of London’s Mendoza choker, but it won’t break the bank, coming in at an affordable $62. This collar is ready for all of your summertime outfits — the pearls make it easy to wear with casual or more dressy outfits and the gold-tone of the metal will sparkle next to your tan summer skin.

Screenshot of BaubleBar's Medusa Pearl Collar Necklace priced at $62.

Screenshot of BaubleBar’s Medusa Pearl Collar Necklace priced at $62.

If you would rather wear a simpler style but still test out the collar trend, BaubleBar offers a more streamlined, minimalistic collar, the Eve Asymmetrical Collar Necklace, which retails for $38. This collar is available in both gold and silver, and will be an extremely versatile piece in you wardrobe all year round.

Screenshot of the BaubleBar Eve Asymmetrical Collar Necklace, priced at $38.

Screenshot of the BaubleBar Eve Asymmetrical Collar Necklace priced at $38.

So if you want to take London’s look for less, head over to BaubleBar to snatch these two great options before they’re gone!


Instagram is teeming with pictures  — polished outfits, jewelry, food, nature, cute animals — you name it, someone has Instagrammed it. #Instagrab is all about locating those enviable fashion items that we see every day as we scroll through our Instagram feeds.

Our first #Instagrab comes from the star of TLC’s “Love, Lust, or Run,” Stacy London. On May 30, 2015,  London Instagrammed a birthday present, a K Kane Customizable Graffiti Bracelet.

Screenshot of Stacy London's Instagram

Screenshot of Stacy London’s Instagram

According to the K Kane website, this bracelet can be customized “with any words, in any handwriting.” This bracelet can more than just a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe; it can be a sentimental piece engraved with the words of a loved one or a heartfelt gift to give to a friend.

The price of the piece starts at $295 and increases incrementally, based on selecting single or double-sided engraving and your desired metal type.

You saw it on Instagram first, now you know where you can #Instagrab it in real life!