Target takes down ‘beach body’ myth in new campaign

Temperatures are slowly inching upward, and with spring about to make its official debut, we know that days spent lounging on the beach in the hot summer sun are not far behind. While we may be anxious about getting our winter bodies back into summertime shape, Target is here to tell us that we are perfect just as we are.

According to Yahoo, the retailer’s #TargetSwim campaign not only aims to promote their current swimwear stock, it also sends a powerful message about what a “beach body” really is. Stating that their swimsuits are “for every beach body under the sun,” Yahoo says that the campaign features body-diverse models such as Denise Bidot, as well as “television personality and former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, professional skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, and dancer and YouTube star Megan Batoon.”

With swimsuits in bold patterns and sexy silhouettes, Yahoo reports that Target’s campaign is as much about style as it is about feeling beautiful.

“Finding your favorite style suit is important, and we’re all about offering flattering fit and cut options to help guests feel confident in their swimsuits,” the Target swimsuit site says, according to Yahoo. “After all, you look your best when you feel your best!”

For Batoon, who models in the campaign, Target’s mission of making women feel their best is absolutely necessary — especially when you bare it all in your swimsuit.

“You’re baring the most amount of skin in public when you’re in a swimsuit,” she said, according to Yahoo, “so it’s important that it helps you feel confident so you can be completely yourself and enjoy every part of summer without the burden of insecurities.”

And with styles available in a wide variety of sizes and price points, all women can surely find something perfect for them. See all of Target’s swimsuit styles here.


She Leads, You Follow: Swimsuit Edition

Now that summer has officially started, it’s time to start shopping for the most important purchase of the season — a swimsuit. And not just any swimsuit, a flattering swimsuit that makes you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. This seems like an impossible feat, but it looks like some of our favorite celebrities have already done the shopping for us!

Several celebrities have taken to Instagram to post their favorite summer swimsuits, and they seem to unanimously favor one in particular: the Mara Hoffman Lattice Maillot swimsuit. Celebrities from Beyoncé to Mindy Kaling have posted pictures wearing the suit, both looking equally gorgeous in the flattering style.

Photo credit Instagram / beyonce, found on

Photo credit Instagram / Beyoncé, found on Beyoncé in the Mara Hoffman Lattice Maillot swimsuit in natural.

Photo credit Instagram / mindykaling, found on Mindy Kaling in the Mara Hoffman Lattice Maillot swimsuit in Kaleidoscopic.

Photo credit Instagram / mindykaling, found on Mindy Kaling in the Mara Hoffman Lattice Maillot swimsuit in Kaleidoscopic.

The Insta-famous swimsuit retails for $253, and because of all buzz created around the suit, it has become unavailable on most websites, including the Mara Hoffman site. But, the elements of this swimsuit that make it so flattering can be found in other looks. Here are a few details to look for when you go shopping for swimsuits this season:

  1. Well-placed cutouts – What makes the Mara Hoffman suit so flattering is that the cutouts are positioned in the most flattering spot for anyone who wears it. By placing the cutouts from the center of the chest down to the hips, it creates a slimming effect; it allows us to focus on the narrow strip of material at the center of the suit, tricking us into seeing a slimmer silhouette.
  2. Proportional prints – Kaling’s suit delivers a pretty bold print, but it doesn’t overwhelm her. That’s because she chose a print that is proportional to her frame. When shopping around for printed swimsuits (or printed anything, for that matter), the print must be proportional to your stature, meaning that women who are bigger in stature (in height or weight or both) can wear bigger prints, while women who are smaller in stature (in height or weight or both) can wear smaller prints.
  3. Open necklines – One of the reasons why the Mara Hoffman swimsuit works on a variety of body types is that it has a v-neck construction, which is universally flattering. A v-neck not only helps to elongate your frame by making your neck look longer, it can also emphasize your bust, making it seem a little bit bigger to help balance out a fuller hip. So when you hit the stores in search of the perfect swimsuit, try on a few styles that that have a v-neck; you’ll be surprised how flattering it can be!