Nordstrom to expand extended size offerings

It’s one small step for the fashion industry, and one giant leap for shoppers of all kinds.

According to WWD, Nordstrom is seeking to increase its range of sizes sold (which includes plus and petite), with a goal of offering “extended sizing in 60 or more brands in ready-to-wear, outerwear, lingerie and swimwear” by spring 2018. Glamour reports that this change will begin to take root with the opening of Nordstrom’s Century City location in Los Angeles on Oct. 3, where its denim department will “feature all of its brand partners, from straight to extended sizes, merchandised together,” which means “no more having to go to a separate section to find your size.”

Additionally, the Century City location will also display mannequins of more diverse sizes, says Glamour, with this particular store displaying denim and lingerie on mannequins sized 0 to 12. Executive Vice President of Women’s at Nordstrom Tricia Smith shared with Glamour that the change won’t be wide sweeping yet, but it is certainly a move to incite change in the industry.

“There are a lot of brands that only sell between sizes 2 and 12, and we said, ‘That is not OK,’” Smith explains. “In the past, if you were a brand, you had to decide if you were going to be a plus-size brand or not, and that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.”

What also shouldn’t be the case, Smith told Glamour, is having petite and plus sizes considered “other” sizes.

“We don’t believe petite and plus should be categorized—they’re just sizes,” she said. “I think the fashion industry in general needs to commit itself to inclusivity and I strongly believe it’s about time, to be honest. And hopefully, all brands and retailers will learn to pay closer attention to their customers.”


Taylor takes Topshop by storm

It’s not every day that someone gets to star in a campaign for a major retailer, but for Taylor Hill, it’s just one more step in solidifying her supermodel status.

According to, the 20-year-old model is now the face of Topshop‘s fall 2016 campaign, says a July 25 announcement — and that’s following her 2015 induction as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and her front-and-center spots for other major fashion campaigns, including Juicy Couture and Miu Miu, to name a few.

Hill follows in the footsteps of other big names in modeling, such as Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, all of whom have stepped in front of the camera for Topshop, reports

The Colorado native makes her mark in the new campaign — which says was styled by Topshop creative director Kate Phelan and shot by Giampaolo Sgura — in a studded and embroidered moto-style jacket, paired with a sheer, printed black dress. says Phelan explained in a press release the motivation for selecting Hill as the brand’s newest face. “She is a social supermodel and a young woman with style and personality; she is every Topshop girl rolled into one,” she said.

Hill not only shows off her social savvy via her highly-followed Instagram, she also does so as she takes centerstage in a video following the young model and her dog, Tate, in a day around New York City, says

Whether she’s on the runway or in front of the camera, this campaign is an indication that we’re sure to see much more of Hill in the near future.

Take Her Look [For Less]

When Jennifer Lopez isn’t sitting as a judge on “American Idol” or acting on her new crime drama “Shades of Blue,” she is amazing us with her sense of style. And that’s exactly what she did on Monday, Jan. 4 when her glimmering outfit captured our attention.

Making her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Los Angeles on Monday Night, the singer-actress wore what Cosmopolitan says is a gold Michael Kors jumpsuit to the studio. She completed her sparkly ensemble with loads of gold jewelry, a gold belt and gold platform sandals to match.

If Lopez’s jumpsuit looks like something that your wardrobe might be craving, you might want to find out the price before you get your credit card ready. This Michael Kors Collection Sequined Mesh Bell-Bottom Jumpsuit is available at Neiman Marcus for — brace yourself — $9,995. Yes, you read that correctly — $9,995. If a nearly $10,000 jumpsuit isn’t in the budget, fear not: we’ve found all the pieces necessary to recreate Lopez’s luxurious look for under $200. Read on for the results!

Searching the nooks and crannies of the Internet to find a jumpsuit to live up to Lopez’s Michael Kors number may have been our most difficult search process yet, but we finally found the perfect alternative in the form of the Hot Shot Metallic Jumpsuit from Nasty Gal. Although this jumpsuit has some black undertones, it serves as the perfect background for the gold metallic to stand out. The legs of the jumpsuit are also cut in a flared, bell-bottom silhouette, just like Lopez’s look. The best part of this jumpsuit is its price, costing a sale price of $68.60.

nasty gal hot shot metallic jumpsuit

The Nasty Gal Hot Shot Metallic Jumpsuit, found on

To further define your waist, you’ll need to pair your jumpsuit with a gold belt, and the Metal Stretch Belt from Topshop will do just the trick. With its flat buckle mimicking that of Lopez’s belt, not only will everyone think you stole her jumpsuit, they will also think you took her belt, too. This belt will polish off your look for only $30.

gold belt topshop

The Metal Stretch Belt, found on

Completing our look for less are gold sandals, and the Madeline Girl Storm Sandal from DSW will give just enough shine to take your outfit to the next level. Add these heels to your look for only $39.95.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.12.19 PM

The Madeline Girl Storm Sandal, found on

If Lopez’s $9,995 jumpsuit isn’t in the budget, our look-alike ensemble will allow you to take her look for your own for only $138.55. Add some gold bracelets and earrings, and you’ll be the talk of the town, just like JLo.

Happy Shopping!



Take Her Look

Seattle in December may not always be the best weather-wise, but things got a little hotter when singer Ciara stopped by on Dec. 15.

The singer and brand ambassador for Topshop visited the Downtown Nordstrom to celebrate the two retailers’ partnership. Wearing pieces from Topshop, Ciara stunned in a top with a plunging neckline which she paired with a leather midi skirt and black pumps.

Ciara’s chic all-black ensemble may look like it costs an arm and a leg, but it is actually quite affordable. In fact, we’ve found the exact pieces she’s wearing (which are all from Topshop, naturally) so you can take her look, and we’ve even found the perfect black pumps to pair with it. Read on for the results!

After following a lead from Topshop’s Twitter, we were able to find Ciara’s top, which is actually a bodysuit. Its deep neckline will frame your face while also creating a sexy look. Ciara’s Square Plunge Bodysuit will form the basis of your new outfit, and it will only cost $35.


The Square Plunge Bodysuit, found on

Ciara paired her bodysuit with a leather skirt — the Topshop Leather Midi Skirt, to be exact — and you can too, for $180. The zippers placed on an angle at the hip are not only cool, edgy details, they are also shape-enhancers, accentuating your natural curves.


The Topshop Leather Midi Skirt, found on

Completing your sexy and stylish ensemble is a pair of black pumps, and we found the perfect pair in the form of the Aldo Waycien Lizard Pumps from DSW. The subtle lizard print invokes the pattern on Ciara’s pumps, making them the perfect alternative to her heels. These heels will complete your look for only $59.95.


The Aldo Waycien Lizard Pumps, found on

While this may not be a look for less, this outfit is certainly affordable, thanks to the reasonable prices at Topshop. With our look-alike pumps, you can take Ciara’s entire look for only $274.95.

Happy Shopping!


Style 101: Twill

If you’ve ever read the description of a garment that you want to purchase online and come across terms you’ve never heard of, you’re not alone. Reading that the blazer you want to buy is done in ’twill,’ for instance, means nothing when you don’t know what twill is, but that’s what Style 101 is for!

As Merriam-Webster defines in, twill is a cloth woven in such a way that it produces a diagonal pattern. Twill is often made from several different kinds of fibers, but the two most common are polyester and cotton, although it can also be made from mixtures of polyester, cotton and even spandex.

If twill sounds like something your wardrobe is lacking, there are fashionable pieces available to help you incorporate the fabric into your everyday style.

Twill and satin come together to make this cute striped frock by Topshop, available at Nordstrom. Featuring oversized elbow-length sleeves and a curved hemline, this navy and white striped dress offers a modern take on the classic striped style. For $115, this nautical frock is the perfect way to test out twill in your wardrobe.

The Topshop Twill and Satin Stripe Dress, found on

The Topshop Twill and Satin Stripe Dress, found on

If you are looking for something to take you from work to weekend, try the 7th Avenue Suiting Collection Jacket from New York & Company. Done in what’s being called ‘euphoria pink,’ this twill blazer is sure to make you happy with its bright color and subtle sheen. For only $44.97, this blazer makes the perfect completer piece for any outfit.

The 7th Avenue Suiting Collection Jacket, found on

The 7th Avenue Suiting Collection Jacket, found on

So if you ever happen to notice ’twill’ in  the description of that cute dress or jacket you’ve been coveting online (like the ones above!), now you know that it’s only a versatile fabric that will be nothing but an asset to your wardrobe.

Take Her Look [For Less]

‘Don’t Cha’ wish you looked as flawless as Nicole Scherzinger? The former Pussycat Dolls singer stunned on the red carpet at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts to attend the Special Olympics Celebrity Dance Challenge on July 31 in Beverly Hills California, wearing a black and white abstract chevron dress with black peep toe pumps. Scherzinger completed her look with a bright red lip while wearing a matching shade of red on her toes.

Scherzinger’s black and white bombshell look, while gorgeous, comes at a price, and according to The Daily Mailher sexy skater dress by Herve Leger has a whopping $1,990 price tag. But if you love her look, you’re in luck because we’ve found two similar dresses to recreate her look for a lot less.

To mimic the square neckline and abstract pattern on Scherzinger’s dress, we chose the Tracy Reese Nina Geo Pattern Knit Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress from Nordstrom Rack. This dress offers a similar banding pattern, with strips of different prints encompassing the dress. For only $44.80, this dress is a great way to recreate Scherzinger’s Herve Leger look for less.

The Tracy Reese Nina Geo Pattern Knit Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress, found on

The Tracy Reese Nina Geo Pattern Knit Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress, found on

We almost did a double take when we found the Topshop Zigzag Tunic Dress from Nordstrom. Done in a strikingly similar chevron pattern, this dress matches the Herve Leger dress not only in print but in its skater cut while also offering a little more coverage with the higher neckline. As if this dress could not get any better, we looked at the price and saw it was only $29.99, making it the perfect alternative to the pricey Herve Leger dress.

The Topshop Zigzag Tunic Dress, found on

The Topshop Zigzag Tunic Dress, found on

Our look for less isn’t complete without the perfect pair of peep toe pumps, and the Nine West First Base pump from Nordstrom is the perfect shoe for the job. For only $65.90, these pumps will not only be a great shoe to pair with one of these pretty printed frocks, they will also become the most versatile pumps in your wardrobe.

The Nine West First base Peep Toe Leather Pump, found on

The Nine West First base Peep Toe Leather Pump, found on

While Nicole Scherzinger impressed us with her printed Herve Leger look that was equal parts sexy and sophisticated, its $1,990 price tag just left us flabbergasted. But because we loved the look so much (and we knew you would, too!), we were able to recreate her entire look for only $140.69 — that’s for two stunning dresses and a pair of classic black peep toe pumps! Just add a bright red lipstick and matching nail polish, and you’ll look just as gorgeous as Nicole Scherzinger herself!

Happy Shopping!

Take Her Look [For Less]

If you’ve ever wondered what someone could possibly wear to a Mr. Clean event, Ashley Greene showed us the perfect outfit for such a thing. According to The Daily Mail, the actress attended the July 28 #15MinReno Ideas with Mr. Clean event, which was held at the 24th Street Loft in New York City, invoking the clean theme in a white L’Agence dress which she paired with a pair of fuchsia Paul Andrew pumps,.

Greene’s white L’Agence Alexandra sleeveless ponte mini dress, while adorable with its clean aesthetic and chic pockets, doesn’t come with such an adorable price tag — that’s a $420 price tag, to be exact. Couple that with her gorgeous fuchsia Paul Andrew Zenadia pumps that retail for around $675, and her simple chic outfit comes in just under $2,000 at $1,095. But if this outfit is exactly what your wardrobe has been missing, we have two great dresses and one eye-popping pair of pumps to recreate Greene’s look for less. Read on to see our reimagined looks!

The main focal point of Greene’s L’Agence dress is its seaming and pleating details around the waist, and the Eliza J Pleat Detail Sleeveless Crepe A-Line Dress from Nordstrom mimics these details almost exactly. The seaming on this dress starts at the bust and curves inward toward the waist, while the pleat down the center imitates the pleating at the waist of Greene’s dress. Done in a flattering A-line silhouette, this dress is sure to become your go-to white dress. And for only $91.90, it’s a well-made, yet much more cost-effective version of Greene’s L’Agence frock.

The Eliza J Pleat Detail Sleeveless Crepe A-Line Dress, found on

The Eliza J Pleat Detail Sleeveless Crepe A-Line Dress, found on

The Christin Michaels Sleeveless Sheath Crew Dress from 6pm is another great way to play off of the seaming details of Greene’s dress for a fraction of the cost. Done in a soft off-white, this dress has lace-embellished seaming to highlight its sewn-in shape while also adding subtle visual interest. The lace even extends onto the back of the dress at the waist, ensuring that your waist is defined coming and going. For only $40.99, your purse and your wardrobe will thank you for purchasing this fashionable frock.

The Christin Michaels Sleeveless Sheath Crew Dress, found on

The Christin Michaels Sleeveless Sheath Crew Dress, found on

To polish off your copy-cat look, you’ll need a pop of color at your feet, and there is no better shoe for the job than the BCBG Paris Jaze Suede Pump from DSW. This pump is cut in a d’orsay style, exposing the instep of your foot, while the bright fuchsia of the suede is reminiscent of Greene’s Paul Andrew pumps. These pumps will complete your look for less for only $59.95.

The BCBG Paris Jaze Suede Pump, found on

The BCBG Paris Jaze Suede Pump, found on

While Ashley Greene’s clean white look for the #15MinReno Ideas with Mr. Clean event totaled almost $2,000, our look for less — that is, two dresses and one pair of pumps — will only set you back $192.84. So this basically means that you should buy both dresses to go with the pumps because you’ll be able to take Greene’s look in two different, yet equally stylish and affordable ways.

Happy Shopping!

Style 101: Now in Session!

Although the height of summer is upon us, going back to school is not too far from our minds. And while we won’t give you yet another article about the best back to school fashions, we thought it would be appropriate to hold our own class — style class, that is.

That’s where our new series for Take Her Look, “Style 101,” comes in. In “Style 101,” we will be going over the basics of dressing (how to put together an outfit, how to mix prints, etc) and decoding fashion lingo so you can shop in any store and know exactly what something like a cigarette pant is and what to pair it with. Consider this a crash course in building your personal style and expanding your wardrobe, so get out your notebook and pencil, because class is in session!

In today’s “Style 101,” we will be discussing the term ‘peplum.’ Peplums, or a flared strip of material flowing outward from the waist of a garment, can be found on several articles of clothing, ranging from tops to skirts and dresses to jackets.

Garments with a peplum are universally flattering. Because the flare of material begins at the waist and extends outward over the hips, it has a tremendous narrowing effect on the waist. Peplums are also a great way to accentuate your hips and create curves on your body, since the end of the flare sits at the hips. Another way in which peplums are universally flattering is that they are a simple camouflaging tool; they can easily hide anything you may be concerned about in your stomach area while also maintaining a structured shape. So instead of wearing a shapeless tunic or t-shirt to hide your problem area, a peplum is a great alternative to hide any areas of concern without compromising shape.

If peplums sound like something your closet might be craving, there are a few ways to work a peplum into your wardrobe. Start by trying out a peplum top; peplum tops can easily be dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans or dressed up with a pencil skirt or trousers. This V-Back Lace Peplum Top from Forever 21 is the perfect way to try out a peplum; done in a beautiful navy lace, this peplum top can be worn for any occasion and paired with just about anything. And it won’t hurt your bank account either, available for only $19.80 on

The V-Back Lace Peplum Top, found on

The V-Back Lace Peplum Top, found on

Wearing a peplum jacket can be a great look for work, especially when it’s as fashionable as the Tailored Peplum Jacket by Topshop. This navy striped jacket is the perfect alternative to the traditional business blazer, as it offers a tailored, professional silhouette while still being trendy and fun. The stripes on this jacket also emphasize the effect of the peplum; its diagonal stripes converge at the waist, therefore accentuating your waist. Available for $95 at, this jacket is a great way to spice up your workwear.

The Topshop Tailored Peplum Jacket, found on

The Topshop Tailored Peplum Jacket, found on

Peplums also add a little bit of life to even the simplest of dresses. Take the Step by Pep Fuchsia Peplum Dress from Lulu’s, for example. The basic shape of the dress without the peplum is a bodycon tube dress; it is curve-hugging, but there is no real structure to it otherwise. Now consider the shape of the dress with the peplum; the peplum not only adds structure to the dress by emphasizing the waistline, it also adds shapes to the dress by accentuating the curve of the hip. The peplum also makes harder-to-wear styles like a bodycon dress more accessible, since it will help to conceal any problem areas. For only $29, this makes for an easy, affordable way to test out a peplum dress in your ever-expanding wardrobe.

The Step by Pep Fuchsia Peplum Dress, found on

The Step by Pep Fuchsia Peplum Dress, found on

So now that you know what a peplum is, the benefits of pieces with peplums and how to wear a peplum, you really have no excuse not to try it out!

Class is dismissed!