USMC rumored to move toward gender equality

Gender equality may find its way into the male-dominated territory of the United States Marine Corps.

According to Glamour, the Associated Press reported that “senior Marine leaders are now considering allowing women to attend what has traditionally been a male-only combat training facility in Southern California.” Additionally, officials may also allow women to train at the all-male San Diego facility, says Glamour, as opposed to attending their typical boot camp in South Carolina.

Prior to these rumors, Glamour reports that many argued in support of separate training facilities, asserting that they allow women to “become more physically competitive before joining their male counterparts,” while also giving women a support system to help them through their first stages of military service.

Meanwhile, others say that allowing men and women to train together may help foster more positive relationships and respect for female service members, according to Glamour.

Here’s hoping the USMC can address this gender divide.