Target unveils new swim styles, unretouched models

Target has just unveiled their brand-new 2018 swimwear collection, and it’s the perfect boost we need to get us through this chilly late-winter temperatures.

According to Bustle, the superstore just unveiled “1,700 different styles, colors and cuts” of new swimsuit styles that are made for all bodies. Target makes this apparent in the new line’s campaign, says Bustle, which features “zero retouching, reshaping, or extreme airbrushing.”

In announcing the move to make the ads as honest as possible, Target said in the line’s announcement that their goal is to make the swimsuit shopping experience as stress-free as possible:

“To show off the new styles you’ll see bright, vibrant images throughout our marketing campaign—all meant to inspire guests to have fun while rocking their favorite swimsuit. Something you won’t see? Reshaping or airbrushing. Building on the strong foundation we set with last year’s campaign, we’re celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies.”

Inspired by the beaches Saint Tropez, Brazil and Australia, Bustle says the line is broken down int five categories: Modern Minimalist, Boho, Heartbreaker, Americana and Tropical, all featuring bold colors, vibrant prints and trendy cuts (think monokinis, cutouts and high waists!) that will make your summer 2018 the most stylish one yet. Target’s website described each swimwear category — which comes in an extended size range — this way:

“Modern Minimalist highlights a sleek, contemporary vibe that sticks to solid colors and unfussy prints. Boho combines feminine details, like lace and crochet, with ’70s-inspired prints. Heartbreaker, our selection of lingerie-inspired swimwear, includes mesh detailing, lace, ruffles, embroidery and more. Americana focuses on solids, texture, color-blocking and—of course!—classic stars and stripes. Finally, our Tropical trend plays up bright colors, exotic prints and bold graphics.”

So how much does all of this wonderful costs? Bustle says pieces from the line range from $14.99 to $49.99, though most come in under $24.99.

Fonda featured on unretouched magazine cover

Beauty knows no age, and Jane Fonda’s recent magazine cover is no exception.

According to HuffPost, the Grace and Frankie star is featured on the cover of Town & Country magazine in what People reports is an unretouched photo showing Fonda in a button-down shirt and a chain-link necklace.

HuffPost says that the cover ” is the latest step in the beauty industry’s growing appreciation of older women,” which follows an Allure magazine cover featuring Helen Mirren that also announced a ban on the words “anti-aging” on their front cover.

“Whether we know it or not, [the term is] subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle,” wrote Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee, according to HuffPost. “Repeat after me: Growing older is a wonderful thing because it means that we get a chance, every day, to live a full, happy life.”

With Hollywood’s leading ladies showing us just how to own the skin we’re in, maybe the beauty and fashion industries will catch up and continue to highlight beauty at every age.

Ferreira is fierce in new Missguided+ campaign

British retailer Missguided is being guided into the fall 2016 fashion season in the best possible way: with model Barbara Ferreira at the fore of their latest ads for Missguided+.

According to, Ferreira is front and center for the retailer’s size 12-20 line, but her presence in the ads aren’t just about showcasing the latest fall styles. reports that “just as Missguided+ is here to ’empower girls to dress however they want, regardless of size,’ according to a press release, Ferreira is ‘unashamed and confident within her skin,’ a perfect embodiment of the Missguided+ loud-and-proud ethos.”

Aligning with both Missguided’s mission and Ferreira’s personification of their goals, says the campaign was completely unretouched, allowing Ferreira to show off the clothes — and her curves — uninhibited by unwanted Photoshopping.

In a statement released by Ferreira, says the model explained that Missguided’s clothing and their latest campaign aim to prove that good style is accessible to women of all shapes and sizes:

”I loved working with Missguided on this new campaign. The clothes are a statement, and anyone can have access to this collection,” she said. “Missguided doesn’t exclude anyone’s beauty and they provide a range that isn’t like anything else. The clothes are fearless and just in a few extra sizes. The collection can let you be a badass b*tch without an asterisk or a label.”

And if that doesn’t make you want to check out their fall collection, nothing will. Click here to see some of Ferreira’s photos from the campaign