Nail brand launches first makeup products

There are few things better than affordable, yet high-quality makeup and now, one more company is joining the ranks of producing just that.

According to Cosmopolitan, nail color line SinfulColors is teaming up with actor/musician  Vanessa Hudgens to dive into the world of cosmetics that offers a bold twist on traditional makeup products. Living up to its name, Cosmo says the line deals less in “basics” and more in “metallic brow gels and blue cream shadows.”

Offering gel eyeliner in colors like plum and rose gold, as well as eyebrow tint in copper and burgundy, the line delivers a trendy look that is just as intriguing as it is stunning.

As for Hudgens, the brand’s global color collaborator told Cosmo that her favorite product from the line is the Diva Lash Color Mascara, offering that its striking colors are a unique way to accentuate your eyes, just as the whole line poses a incomparable form of self-expression.

” I love this collection because they’re all about self-expression and wearing makeup without any rules,” she said. “If you’re feeling just a tiny pop of color, do a normal mascara and then just take the color and brush it onto the ends or if you’re feeling like, might as well go for it, just lather it on.”

So far, only a few products are available on Amazon, though Cosmo says the full collection will be available online and at CVS and Walmart starting January 2018. However, what’s for sale so far comes in under $10 — so you can get punched-up color for a palatable price.

Check out the products here.


Duff and Hudgens get real with Aerie

It’s not often that a swimsuit photo a celebrity posts on Instagram is accompanied by an inspiring message, but when it does, it’s worth noting.

Such is the case with recent photos from Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens, according to InStyle, who reported that the stars took to Instagram on April 28 to share a video of themselves in bikinis for underwear brand Aerie‘s “Love the Swim You’re In” initiative.

“For each unretouched bikini photo that someone posts to Instagram along with the hashtag #AerieREAL, the retailer will donate $1 to the National Eating Disorder Association,” says InStyle.

While Hudgens appears alongside her sister Stella in the video, Duff goes solo to spread the campaign’s message. Both, however, tell of the initiative from behind a bright blue towel with the hashtag #aerieREAL scrawled across the front.

InStyle reports that Aerie has “pledged to donate up to $30,000 to the NEDA through the Love the Swim You’re In initiative.”

And although celebrities are certainly taking to the campaign, you can participate by posting your own unretouched bikini photo to Instagram tagged with the hashtag #AerieREAL.

She Leads, You Follow: The A-List Anniversary Party Edition

A-list celebrities showed up in their most fashionable outfits to The A-List’s 15th Anniversary Party on September 1. The clothing company’s party, held at their Beverly Hills showroom, played host to the likes of Jordana Brewster, Freida Pinto and Minka Kelly. And while all the guests in attendance dressed to impress, we couldn’t help but fall in love with a certain few looks from the party.

First to steal our hearts was Rosario Dawson, who rocked what PopSugar reported was a green printed jumpsuit by Ella Moss, which she paired with a leopard print clutch and gladiator heels, both by Vince Camuto.

Vanessa Hudgens followed suit in an equally chic ensemble, wearing a white tie-neck blouse with red wide-leg trousers. Hudgens completed her look with a brown and black Céline bag and bright turquoise earrings — accessories much more stylish than the cast she was sporting on her right hand.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum was another lady in red, donning a red split-shoulder dress with mesh detailing down the center. Silver studded t-strap heels took her look to the next level, while her silver metallic clutch with printed red lips invoked her own glossy red lips.

Dawson, Hudgens and Dewan-Tatum may be dressed up for an a-list affair, but there are certain things from their looks that we can learn from and apply in our everyday style.

  1. Prints can be mixed – Rosario Dawson’s printed jumpsuit and clutch showed us how to effortlessly pair two different prints in two different colors palettes. First, both prints are done in neutrals or pseudo-neutrals (colors other than traditional black, brown, navy and grey that can easily pair with other colors); this immediately rules out the problem of the prints clashing based on their mismatched colors since neutrals go with everything. Next, both prints share a common color (black), which allows them to work together to create some sense of cohesion, even though they are two different patterns. Finally, Dawson’s jumpsuit features a larger, bolder leaf-like print, while her clutch has a smaller swatch of leopard print. Having one print be the main focus while the other plays a supporting role reduces the chance of the prints conflicting or competing for attention. If you want to try to mix prints, keep these tips in mind, and with a little bit of practice, you’ll be mixing prints like a pro — or like Rosario Dawson!
  2. Pops of color don’t have to be large – Although she wore red wide-leg trousers, Vanessa Hudgens’ outfit contained a much smaller pop of color that still had a significant impact. Her turquoise earrings may feature only a few small droplets of color, but they add a whole new dimension to the outfit, giving it more visual interest while also drawing the eye up toward her face. Wearing small pops of color in jewelry is a great way to add a bit of life to your outfit in a way that won’t clash with the colors already working through your look, so take Hudgens’ lead and try a colorful earring to not only breathe some life into your ensemble, but also to frame your pretty face.
  3. Matching isn’t always a faux pas – It may seem like a fashion faux-pas to be too “matchy-matchy” in your outfit, but Jenna Dewan-Tatum showed us that matching your lipstick to your dress isn’t such a bad thing after all. In fact, it creates a cohesive, pulled together look. However, notice that she breaks up the red in her outfit with hints of silver (a pseudo-neutral) in her shoes and in her clutch; if she were to wear a red shoe and carry a red clutch, her outfit becomes less cohesive and more monotone and boring. If you decide to match your lipstick to your dress (or even match jewelry to a color in your outfit), limit the matching to one item so as not to create a monotonous look. Be sure to also break up your matching colors with other, non-conflicting hues (like metallics or other pseudo-neutrals) to add some complexity to your look.