Model campaigns to be first trans person of color on VS runway

There’s a first for everything, and one model is trying her best to break new ground in the fashion industry.

According to Cosmopolitan, model Leyna Bloom took to Twitter last week to tweet two stunning photos of herself in a bikini. But it was the caption that caught people’s attention — and spurred a movement: “Trying to be the 1st Trans model of color walk a Fashion show. 💕

With one single tweet, the model — who has already appeared on the runway for Chromat and The Blonds, says Cosmo — began a crusade to become the first transender model of color to walk the runway for the major lingerie brand. Cosmo reports that so far, the post garnered well over 100,000 retweets and 30,000 comments in support of Bloom’s campaign.

With people flocking to her support, Bloom knows that should she get the chance to appear in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, her presence on the runway has the potential to be game-changing.

“[That brand has] the power to set the tone, and that would be the biggest leap up to date,” she told Yahoo, according to Cosmo. “Can you imagine what that would do for our world? We all have unique stories; we are just different, and we have every right to be. We just want to be represented, and maybe they will want to represent us too.”

Graham gives [not-so-subtle] hints to VS

When describing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, one phrase pretty much sums it up: a glitzy extravaganza of skinny supermodels parading down a runway in lingerie. But one model wants to see that change.

According to Glamour, Ashley Graham took to Instagram last week to share her aspirations of walking the catwalk of the VS Fashion Show by sharing a photoshopped image of herself in lingerie wearing a large pair of the famed angel wings, depicting her on the VS runway. While she already has the look down, Glamour says the photo is actually from her trip down the catwalk during New York Fashion Week for Canadian clothier, Addition Elle.

Captioning the photo, “”Got my wings! 🦋💐🌈😜 .. my #AdditionElle wings! #thickthighssavelives,” Glamour says Graham is continuing to put pressure on Victoria’s Secret to include plus models in their lineup. During last year’s show, Glamour reports that Graham “uploaded fan art of herself in a similar outfit, walking in front of the brand’s signature pink-and-white stripes under a sign that read ‘Victoria’s Secret Plus!,'” and days later, she told TMZ that she would immediately say ‘yes’ if the lingerie company called her to model for them.

Here’s hoping Graham’s dream comes true so she can keep breaking boundaries in the modeling game!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gets makeover from BuzzFeed

Watching women walk up and down a runway in lingerie may not sound all too exciting, but when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, all eyes are on the angels — fall 2015’s show alone garnered 22.79 million viewers. While the runway show may attract high viewership, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s democratic in terms of the image of beauty portrayed.

That’s why BuzzFeedBuzzFeed decided to take matters into their own hands, recreating the fashion show with models of all shapes, sizes, heights, skin tones and circumstances. The end result was a nine-and-a-half-minute video detailing the process of getting ready to walk to the runway, the actual fashion show and reflections from the models who strut their stuff almost in the buff.

One model, Daysha, discussed at the beginning of the video her relationship with her body. “If my body wasn’t perfect, then no one was going to love me, no one was going to think that I was a valuable human being or that I could contribute anything,” she said.

As the models are getting dressed and made up, some took the time to share what they hoped to get out of the experience. A model named YB told BuzzFeed, “I want to learn for myself that I can be confident in my own body.”

All of their hopes and fears were put to the test when they set foot on the runway. And of course, these ladies killed it.

“I hope this can change the narrative of how women are viewed in the media,” said one of the models, while another shared that walking the runway in lingerie gave her a newfound confidence.

“I honestly do feel a lot better about myself,” a model said. “When it really comes down to it, you have to accept and love yourself, and I feel like this whole experience helped me do more of that.”

To watch these ladies slay their VS Fashion Show 2.0, check out the video here.