Versace’s vogue advice

If you ever wanted to know what the secret to flawless fashion is, just ask Donatella Versace. Carrying the Versace brand into its 40th anniversary, it’s safe to say the fashion institution’s creative director knows a thing or two about how to make a statement with style.

So when she was asked by Vogue to share some of the lessons she’s learned over the years, Who What Wear says the fashion icon offered that a sense of fearlessness contributes to establishing your own unique fashion identity.

Explaining that women should be “brave and fearless in everything that you do, always, with no compromise ever,” Who What Wear says Versace’s message aligns with the overarching message of the fashion brand, which “has always stood for freedom and the right to truly be yourself.”

She also goes on to share with Vogue that it takes great strength and determination to be a woman in the fashion industry:

“Women have to prove themselves more than men, have to fight to have their voice heard,” she told Vogue. “Times have changed, and things are getting better for women.We can be all we want to be—I’m an artistic director, I’m a businesswoman, I’m a mother, I’m an advocate for change, and I’m a friend. I think in the 20th century, this was true. It was much harder to be a woman in fashion than a man.”

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Nude for all

Christian Louboutin took one step to become more inclusive in December 2015 when the luxury brand featured size 12-14 model Clementine Desseaux in their social media campaign for their line of rouge lipsticks. Three months later, the brand is making headlines yet again for thinking beyond the norm.

According to Who What Wear, Louboutin has created and unveiled nude shoes that represent a range of different skin tones. Redefining “nude” to be indicative of the term’s true relative nature to a person’s unique skin color, Louboutin has released the shoes in “seven different hues to match a much wider range of skin tones,” reports Who What Wear’s Erin Fitzpatrick.

A photo posted on Instagram from the brand reveals four of the new shades, showing just how many variations there are from the “typical” nude.

Touting a “spectrum of nudes,” a triptych of photos on the company’s Instagram shows shades ranging from a rich chocolate tone to a more intermediate tan to what would be considered a traditional nude.

The caption of the middle installment of the series sums up the line’s aim in this way:

 “Seven shades of nude ensure every woman can meet her match.”

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